How to Go about Importing a Graphic using the PrintUP 3D Printing Software (Part 1)

channel letter import graphic

When it comes to adding 3d designs to ones project, there are a few ways to go about it which we will be looking at.

But from the different options the first one on our list will be the Import Graphic feature.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Create Word Model.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, guys. In today's video in print up, we're gonna be looking at how to import some DXF graphics into the programme. But before that, let's have a quick intro first. So today's video can be found on We make short and easy to watch problem solving videos, and we also have daily updates. Otherwise, we're into print up here. So now where the programme started, there's a few ways we can actually get some models into here that we can work on. Um, I think it's about three that I'm aware of, but the first way we're gonna do this is by the most common way, which is importing graphics now to keep in mind with this method, it only works with, um, I think there's two file formats, So this is your classic CNC machine type format, so it's great for if you've designed something on AC NC machine or should I rather say a programme like Open cad or something on that line? Then you can drag those DXF files straight into the programme. Now, to do that, I'm gonna go to our main menu on top here and then we wanna head to file. So I'm gonna go to file and then we only have one option here, and this is import graphic. So once you've clicked that it will pop up our file navigation and you will notice where you've downloaded your programme. And in the actual files, we have a sample DXF of aim dot CZAS logo. So this is a great place if you want to be playing around Otherwise, what you want to do is just navigate to where your actual, uh, DXF file is located and then simply select that. Now, if I had to go here to the, um, files that are supported, you can see here we've got two options. The DXF and NC. So it's the G code file, so we can import both of those options. So I would say, give it a try, play with both. But for now, we're gonna just grab the sample and then we want to say open. We'll pop up with some options that we can set won't go into too much detail. I'm just gonna set this one, maybe to about 40. So the actual model heighted, then say OK, it will generate the graphics and then put it yet in your programme. And in essence, if that's all you had, you said this will pretty much be ready to stop printing just about. But yeah, otherwise, that is our first method on importing graphics or getting a 3D model inside the pro rather simple, straightforward. And then in the next video, we'll look at the next step. But otherwise before that, if we are here to You guys will notice we've got a variety of different Softwares we do cover, and you can also isolate your search on the top, right? If you do not, however, find the training videos you're looking for, just simply go, Yeah, request a training video, fill in the mini form, and then we'll do our best to try and make that for you. But otherwise, thanks guys for watching and cheers

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