SAi PhotoPRINT, FlexiPRINT Deactivate and Activation Code Remove, Step by Step Video

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Correct Way to Deactivate SAi Software

All SAi software products are licensed to a single computer. To move the software from one computer to another one, you are required to deactivate the license first. To safely remove the license, we suggest you find the License Manager with the SAi software installed, and choose “Remove License From This Computer” option which you have active internet connection and no firewall block the SAi software to deactivate.

If you cannot find “License Manager”

Try press Win+R key to search.

About Manual Deactivate and Limitations

What is manual deactivation

When a software license is removed from your computer, it will attempt to automatically send a removal code over the Internet. In some cases, such as when the computer’s hard drive fails, it is impossible to properly remove the software. If that is the case, manual deactivation is needed to allow your software to be used on another computer.

When you deactivate your SAi software copy without deactivate from License Manager, we call it manual deactivation. Which means we manually remove the current installation information which allows you to install the software by the same activation code again, on any computer.

What SAi software can we deactivate

We can deactivate all OEM SAi software versions managed by, which includes:

  • SAi Flexi
  • SAi FlexiPRINT
  • SAi FlexiPRINT DX 19 Cloud Edition
  • SAi FlexiPRINT DX 21 AM.CO.ZA Edition
  • SAi FlexiPRINT UV 19 Cloud Edition
  • SAi PhotoPRINT DX 11 Cloud Edition
  • SAi PhotoPRINT DX 12 Cloud Edition
  • SAi PhotoPRINT UV 12 Cloud Edition
  • SAi FlexiSTARTER 11 AutoMark Cloud Edition
  • SAi FlexiSTARTER 11 Cloud Edition
  • SAi FlexiSTARTER 12 AutoMark Cloud Edition
  • SAi FlexiSTARTER 12 Cloud Edition
  • SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Edition

Manual deactivation only allowed once a year

Manual deactivation is a balanced act between software copyright protection (anti-piracy) and user convenience – because we understand the situation that deactivate by “License Manager” may not be able to perform, e.g. when a computer HDD is damaged or a laptop gets stolen etc.

There is a limitation on the manual deactivation that only allows for this process to be performed once a year. This is a anti-piracy decision made by SAi (SA International) and we have no influence on it.

If you get a deactivation error, you can either wait and try on another day, or purchase another copy. Please always remember that removing the licence by the “License Manager” will save you time, save you money and save you from all kinds of hassle.

Manual Deactivate SAi Software ◀️

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Where to buy SAi software

SAi software includes FlexiSTARTER, FlexiPRINT etc are listed on Buythis Online Store, or you can buy from AM.CO.ZA by sending “hi” on WhatsApp to 060 600 6000.

SAi Software Download and Resources

Where to download SAi software

Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd, the company that distributes all kinds of signage machines in the Southern Africa market, also resell most SAi software with the machines. You can visit the CNC Utilities website to download these software versions. Please note, all those are OEM versions with additional files/drivers for machines from

Where to find SAi software manuals

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