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Here you can find download links for the software installation packages.

Software Deactivation

Manually Remove Software License from Your Installation

Software activation is an anti-piracy technology designed to verify that the software has been legitimately licensed. When you want to remove software installed on one computer to another one, you need to properly deactivate your current installation before you can reinstall. For some unfortunate events, for example hard drive crash or your computer/laptop got stolen, you will have to rely on manually deactivation to release the software and allow it to be reinstalled again.

How Software Ownership Works

The software products offered by and its affiliated companies, such as, require either a software dongle (e.g. FabriCAM) or an activation code (VinylCut) for activation, in accordance with the terms set by the respective software developers. It should be noted that the ownership of the software is non-transferable, and this should be communicated to customers who have purchased the software. Read this article for more.