How Software Ownership Works, Correct and Alternative Way of Software Deactivation

Deactivation Software

All software sold by and affiliate companies, eg are either activated via software dongle, (eg.
FabriCAM); or activation code (VinylCut) as is in agreement with the respective software developer, therefore to also imply to client who bought the software – that the software ownership is not transferable.

We will only provide software deactivation service (if possible for such software) to the client who initially bought the software.

This basic term is also reflected in the terms of every software package of suite we sell, e.g on

About Software Activation and Deactivation

Licensed software are only allowed a single installation, there are two ways our softwares use to impose such

  • For software with Dongle, when dongle is present (may need drivers), the software will be activated by itself.
  • For software activated with activation code, please make sure you have active internet when the time activates the software.

Follow these guides for our 3 most common software:

VinylCut Software, Install, Active and Deactivate

SAi Software

This is a sample shown the FlexiSTARTER install active and deactivate but also apply to other SAi software,
include FlexiPRINT, PhotoPRINT etc

RouterCAM Plugin

Special Note About Deactivation

  1. For software activate with a Dongle, If you lost your dongle, you have to buy a new dongle
    If your dongle is malfunction (means not be able to recognised by computer but appearance not damaged), send it back to us for 30% discount of new purchase (we cannot replace or exchange for free)
  2. For software with activation code:

Contact us for manual deactivation assistance

  • If you have have software ID but not Activation Code (Serial number etc)
    • Please that if you contact us and you have have software ID but do not know Activation Code (Serial number etc) we cannot help as we do not keep records of the software sold. We would suggest you buy another one and keep it in a safe place.
  • If you have both Software ID and Activation Code (and all above deactivation methods failed)
    • Send email to from the email address you initially used to purchase the software, if not possible to send form this address – please use if you do not sure which email address you used to make the purchase with subject: “Software Name”, Software ID Deactivation e.g. “VinylCut 5 Software ID 1234567890 Deactivation”
    • Please include all the details below in your email – if no details email will NOT be considered.
    • Only once we have confirmed the information matched the purchase record and we will contact software developer and try to reactivate the software.
    • We can unfortunately offer no guarantee of the outcome – no reason will be provided from software developer either as developer has to maintain their method of copyright protection method which is confidential
    • Expected turnaround time is at least 3 working days