TruCUT RDWorks (Mini-Series) the GUI, Video Index about the Graphical User Interface

This is an index covering a mini-series of videos about the installation and Graphical User Interface (GUI) of TruCUT RDWorks.
Index Below.

When it comes to the installation of the program, that is a rather simple process, but the Interface on the other hand can be a bit more complex.

PART 1 – Install TruCUT RDWorks

PART 2 – GUI Main Menu

PART 3 – GUI System Bar

PART 4 – GUI Extended Tool Bar

PART 5 – GUI Cut Property Bar

PART 6 – GUI Arrange Bar

PART 7 – GUI Draw Bar

PART 8 – GUI System Work Plat

PART 9 – GUI Process Control Bar

PART 10 – GUI System Status Bar

PART 11 – GUI Measurement Ruler

PART 12 – GUI Design Area

PART 13 – GUI Color Bar