VinylCut 5 Software how Scaling, Rotating and Flipping Shapes is Used, Step by Step Video

vinylcut scaling rotating flipping shapes

Unlike the transform handles tool, the position and size properties panel allows for a bit more refined changes.

Being able to enter in exact sizes for the horizontal and vertical values allows for a more sure outcome, and that’s not even to mention the handy keep proportions option. You will also be finding the rotate and flip options under this panel.

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Video Transcript

How's the guys in today's video? We're going to be looking at the second part of the position and size properties, which will be the scaling and the rotation of flipping. Just a quick intro here. Mm. Okay. So just so you guys know this video and more videos like this can be fun on That's the other day. We've got quite a variety of different Softwares. We do cover, and we do upload daily. So keep your eye there for new content. Otherwise, back in the programme. Yeah. Now, let's say to to locate if you did not watch the previous tutorial If you want to locate your your position and size properties, you can navigate to the right properties penalty and select this icon with the four arrows. Then under those properties, then we've got the other. Wh this is to set the scale for the height and, uh, with within the height. Sorry. So then we've got an option here on the right key proportions. So let's just select that off so we can see the difference. So let's say we're gonna make it with something like four inches and then once you select off this box or press enter, then, um, it will have those changes. And let's say we make this something like six. You can see you can actually now set the scale of that to individual amount if you want. Let's just undo that now. If we select, you keep proportions. Then if we set the size of one of these options the horizontal, uh, worth of the height, then automatically adjust this one, keeping the original proportions in mind, as you can see. So if you scaling your entire logo larger, this is a nice way to do that, especially if you need specific scales for the printing of the cutting. Then, uh, next time, let's look at here at the bottom. The rotate. Now we've got rotate to the right a clockwise and rotate counterclockwise, and these do work in 45 degree amounts. So we're gonna rotate clockwise and then we'll collect. Rotate counterclockwise, as you can see, and then next up here we've got the flip. So if we select the let's say text can work on objects as well to navigate back to our position and size, and the first one we got flipped horizontally so you can easily do that and then flip vertically, and this is something nice. If you have text and you want cheques under it where it looks like it's almost fading into a, uh, reflected groundwater or something like that, Then you'll use this option of flip text under the flip. The option for that, the vertical axis. Otherwise, yeah, that covers our position and size. And then let's just head to the website. You quick. So this video and more videos like this we can find it here on As you can see, we cover quite a range of different types of, uh, tutorials or software tutorials. And then we also have a search option on the top right here. If you're looking for something specific. Otherwise, you can also go request a training video if you don't find what you're looking for, and then we'll make that video for you. Otherwise, guys, thanks for watching and chills

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