Mirror or Flip Objects with DesignCentral Using SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 (Part 8)

Similar to the Mirror tool we can use the Design Central panel to flip or mirror objects, what’s the difference? When it comes to Flipping and Mirroring shapes and objects with the Design Central panel, it makes quick business of it.…

How to Flip Objects Horizontally and Vertically Using VinylCut 5 Software

There are a few ways to flip objects, text and shapes, but which one will work the best for you? When you working on symmetrical designs or adding a reflection beneath a shape or word, then being able to flip an object or text is a …

How Scaling, Rotating and Flipping Shapes is Used in VinylCut 5 Software

Unlike the transform handles tool, the position and size properties panel allows for a bit more refined changes. Being able to enter in exact sizes for the horizontal and vertical values allows for a more sure outcome, and that's not…