SAi FlexiSTARTER Design Central Mirror or Flip (Part 8) Scale, Move and Rotate Mini-Series

flexistarter mirror flip objects

Similar to the Mirror tool we can use the Design Central panel to flip or mirror objects, what’s the difference?

When it comes to Flipping and Mirroring shapes and objects with the Design Central panel, it makes quick business of it. It will not have all the fancy tools of the Mirror tool, but it gets things done


This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Shearing Objects.
Previous video covered Mirror Via Main Menu.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys. In today's video Flexi starter, we're gonna be looking at how to mirror or flipper object using your design Central Park. But before that was a quick intro first. So today's video can be found a CN. Today we make sure that easy to watch problem solving videos and we have daily updates otherwise, back on the programme here now, just a reminder. This is a miniseries which covered mostly rotating, scaling and moving and now we'll be adding all the extra little ones to the same series. So we're busy covering mirroring object Really? Look at the main menu way and today we're gonna look at how to do a design central panel. Now, I will also leave relevant links in the description so you guys can follow along. So now, to get right into it and obviously select your object. This is a rather simple way to do it. But you don't have the same controls over how far it's gonna mirror and so forth. That's what you do is for using your menu. So, in order to induce with your object selected to navigate your rotate panel, yeah, on your design, Central For some reason you do not see your design central. Just go here next year, undo and redo buttons and then we click that little first icon to the right. Shortcuts for that control. High under year, we will see here these two bottom corners. You can flip it, um, on the x and y axis, flip it horizontally and very clear. And yeah, it's also known as Maverick. So then, obviously, if you do the horizontal, as you can see it, uh, flips it exactly on the point. Now you can, however, set the origin, and then it will flip it around. What? I actually don't think it flips it around the origin, My apologies. That only flips it around. The actual centre of the mass would see where the rotating and that will work around the region. And then, obviously, then when you have the vertical flip as well, we click this. So the errors, but hard to see. But because it's not perfectly straight, you can see there, but there is a change. So now this is great. If you you need to quickly change the mirroring or the flipping of the object and you've got your design central, and you can quickly do it there, which is quite convenient. Otherwise, that is it on mirroring objects. If we head here to uh, we do have a variety of different software to recover, and also we have this nice little search options so you can actually type of what you're looking for. Meet the little magnifying glass button and then we'll try and find that results for But if it does not, however, find it, you can always go here to request a training video. Then we will make that video for you. Otherwise, thank you guys for watching and cheers.

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