VinylCut 5 Software (Mini-Series) the Tracing of Images, Video Index about this Feature

This video is part of a mini-series that covers the ins and outs when using the Trace Image Feature that comes with VinylCut.
Index Below.

This is a bit of a complex and in-depth tool to use at first, but once you grow competent with how it works, you will then be very happy with the power that it brings to your workflow.

PART 1 – Good Rules to Follow

PART 2 – Properties Overview

PART 3 – Input Properties

PART 4 – Output Setting (PART 1)

PART 5 – Output Setting (PART 2)

PART 6 – Preview Settings

PART 7 – Monochrome Mode

PART 8 – Color Layers Mode

PART 9 – Single Color Mode

PART 10 – Mask Cutlines