SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Invert an Active Selection (Part 8) Selecting Objects Mini-Series

flexistarter invert active selection

When you are working on large design doing bulk type changes, then being able to quickly Invert the selection goes a long way.

This video is part of a Mini-Series that covers different ways to go about selecting objects and shapes within your design area.
Previous video covered Select or Deselect all.

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Video Transcript

Alright, guys, in today's video flexi starter, we're gonna be looking at how to invert selections. But before that, let's have a quick intro first. Okay? Yeah. Mhm. Yeah, Yeah. So today's video can be found on not see it that way. We make sure that easy to watch problem solving videos, and we have daily updates the words great back in the programme. Yeah, now, just a reminder. This is a miniseries on the selecting objects. Um, I will leave relevant links in description so you guys can actually follow along. Now, Today's video should also be a nice little short one. We're just gonna be looking at inverting a selection, and this can be nice. If you're working on a design that sometimes as a metric all or yeah, you can also be working on one element of the design at the time. And then you invite your selection to have everything else selected. There's a few other, uh, what can I say uses for it as well? It is quite a broad, um, a spectrum type, uh, feature of a tool in use once again. Also, it is universal in most programmes, most of them have the inverted selection. You can even have it in some text editing and so forth programmes. It's quite a common tool. So now and or do this, let's say we we've selected as top graphics. We're just ignoring these selections. And then they say, We've worked on this with maybe change the colour or something and now you wanna invert it and work on these selections so, like I said, could be dependent on your design as all. Sometimes you'll be working inside things in the outside. So now, instead of having to select all of them because, I mean, obviously I can just drag a box and easy. But if these elements were let's say like this between each other, then I have to manually go select all the rest, which makes it a bit of a slip. So then what we can do is we go to our main menu on top, like we do with most selection tools, navigate down till we find select, and then we go to invert selection. As you can see, a shortcut for that is control shift I. So now if we press that we can see it is just inverted our selection. Now we've got the yellow ones. But like I'm upset if we had to ignore these ones for now, so then that is pretty much the invert selection. Very handy tool, but also keep in mind you can just go. If you have things selected with your selection tool activated, you can go right click and then we navigate to select and they likewise we go to invert selection, do the same thing. So once again, if we press control ship, I will also encourage a selection again. So that's a nice little feature. And I think that just about wraps our or wraps up our little miniseries on selecting objects. If there's any, which is I've missed, I'll try make extra content and then otherwise, yeah, that is Thanks, guys, for joining me on us a little serious. Otherwise, if we head here to t Seattle, we have a variety of different Softwares. Would you cover? And also you can isolate your search by the search bar training specific. If we have not covered the video yet or you did, uh, don't find an official results almost going here, request the training video and then we will make that for you. But otherwise thanks guys for watching and cheers

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