Sai FlexiSTARTER 19 (Mini-Series) Scale, Move and Rotate, Video Index about these Features

This video is part of a mini-series that will be looking at different ways to Sacle, Move and Rotate Objects in FlexiSTARTER 19.
Index Below.

When it comes to Rotating, Scaling and Moving objects within the program, there are normally to main ways to go about it, one via the DesignCentral panel, and the other in the Design Area with control points.

PART 1 – Scale with DesignCentral

PART 2 – Scale with Control Points

PART 3 – Move with DesignCentral

PART 4 – Move by Freehand

PART 5 – Rotate with DesignCentral

PART 6 – Rotate with Control Points

PART 7 – Mirror Via Main Menu

PART 8 – Flip With DesignCentral

PART 9 – Shearing Objects