SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Scale Objects with (DC) (Part 2) Scale, Move and Rotate Mini-Series

flexistarter scale objects control points

When it comes to speed and freedom with scaling objects and shapes, then using the Control Points is the way to go.

Yes this method might not be as accurate as using the DesignCentral way, but for concept stages few things can beat the speed and freedom you will experience when using this method.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Moving Objects with the DesignCentral.
Previous video covered Scale with DesignCentral.

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Video Transcript

Africa's in today's video Flexi started, we're gonna be looking at re sizing objects using the control points. But before that, let's have a quick intro first so today's video can be found on They'll see that today we make sure and easy to watch problem solving videos and we have daily updates. Otherwise we're back in the programme now, just a reminder that this is a very serious we're gonna be covering re sizing and setting the location and rotation of objects. We might also cover some skewing in this miniseries. Otherwise, I will also leave a link in the description so you guys can follow a lot. So in the previous video, we had a look at scaling objects with your design central area, which this is definitely if you want to go for very precise measurements and so forth and scales. This is definitely the way to go about it. But let's say you want to go more freehand. You still working on concepts you can always use, then these control points keep in mind when you do adjust them, you can see your values change in the bottom left corner there where you start bar. And, uh, so you can you can kind of go precise, but in general, uh, top right one on the Zain syndromes, more precise. But like I said, for concept worked and so forth or early designs, this is a great way to go about. So now, in general, we've got, as you can see here, we've got quite a few arms where we had eight of them, so we can scale it in different directions. So this will be on your horizontal access to the right. Then we've got left vertically. We've got up down and these points on the corners or scale it basically, we'll make the opposite point the origin. So I use this as equivalent of going on this design central and setting the origin point here to the top corner. So if I just go from this bottom, as you can see, it gets stuck there in the top corner. No, the same with the bottom left. And right now, there's a few keys we can use in combination. Two change things, uh, or rather the behaviour of it. As we see if we've got proportional editing on here, if we move here as you can see it keeps the director. The dimensions are safe, so they will have to go mainly to these wants to change. Now, how you can change that is you actually keep shifting. So if you keep shifting while taking one of those corners and you can see, I can move it just about what I want and it will scale it. As soon as I leave shift, it will snap it back to proportion. Obviously, if this one is off, it does not actually even affected in this one. My apologies. I thought of that. So then, uh yeah. So in case you keep shift and then you can move it around like that and another option we have is control. So basically what this will do, it will scale it from the centre and also keeping your proportions. Obviously, I'm similar unless you keep shifting. So if I have to keep controlling here, you can see it scales enough from centre point. But the nice thing is, you can also go on the horizontal vertical access and then also keep controlling It will scale both sides. So if you're gonna wanna just get the width of your thing wider or the height. Then you can always quickly do it like a match now, like I mentioned. So if we've got controlling here on the point you keep shifting as well. Then we can do it at any shape we want. So if you're middle origins important, then you can also use these corners here. Otherwise, yeah, that is it on scaling objects with the control points like just a quick recap again. So now obviously we have the horizontal and vertical ones. They will stick it in a position. Then we've got the corners which will make the opposite corner your origin. Then we have shift, which will be, um if you were doing the corner, you can use shift and will unlock the proportional editing or the key proportions. And we also have control or scale it from the centre. And keep in mind this does work on your horizontal and vertical access as well. And then obviously we combine the two. If we use control and shift, then it will unlock are proportional. Well, scaling it from the origin. So yeah, it does seem like a bit of a handful, but you very quickly get used to which controls to use and you'll see very seldom use. Um, some of these in most workflows just see what works for you and otherwise that is it on. Like I said, scaling things with control points we had here to got together. Today we do have a variety of different Softwares recover, and also where the search option years available for anything specific. But if you for some reason do not find what you're looking for, I always go. You requested training video and then we will make that video for you. But otherwise, things guys watching until next one choose.

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