SAi FlexiSTARTER Rotate Shapes with Control Points (Part 6) Scale, Move and Rotate Mini-Series

flexistarter rotate shapes control points

To Rotate objects with Control Points is by far the quickest and most simple way of rotating within FlexiSTARTER 19.

This is a great way to quickly visualize the right angle before getting into the fine details of the right rotation value.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Mirror Via Main Menu.
Previous video covered Rotating with DesignCentral.

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Video Transcript

Mm. Hi there, guys. In today's video Flexi Starter, we're gonna be looking at rotating objects using the control points. Before that was having intra first mhm. So today's video can be found on Got Cielo. Today we make sure and easy to watch problem solving videos and we update daily but otherwise back in the programme. Now, just a reminder. This is a mini series on rotating, sizing and moving objects. So we've covered quite a few these topics. So today we're gonna be looking at the last way of rotating objects and then I will leave relevant links and descriptions. You guys kind of follow along now for free hand rotation. It's at least what I call it. It's rotating it by control points. It is definitely not as precise as doing it on your design central, but it is definitely way more quicker to get your right results. You can always for concept ng and so forth rough design, you quickly do it by hand, and then you find unity if you have strict design requirements. So now, first of all we wanna do is make sure our, um selection, uh, tool selected and our main toolbar. Click the shape you want to rotate and at the moment can see we only have scaling options. So what you can do is you double click the shape, make sure you're on the shape and you do it and you'll see it gave us. Now a new points. That's for rotating. Um, I remember another way we can do this so we can go to control our that is located under the edit. A sorry view. We've now been lost. Arrange. There we go. So under a range and then rotate. As you can see, control R is the shortcut back. So then go with that done. So I'll double click this. Then what you can do is you simply click on the corner. You want to rotate. If your origin is set to the centre, which would, uh, covered on the design central, then it doesn't really matter which corner you grab. As you can see it all rotate around the centre. Now we can also do so if you keep shifting while you click on hold on one of these. You'll see a rotator and 50 degree angles. Sorry, 15 degree angles. So then I will snap like that. So if you're working with a degree so it's a good way to go about now Similar to the Design Central, we can also set the origin, which is this little, uh, callers sent, uh, centre stationary point. I'm used to it as the origin, so you can set it by simply clicking on that all of the white thoughts and moving into where you want it. It's putting on the left top corner. Now, if we rotate or rotated around that point just quite handy. So if you're working within the design, you need to rotate something around and say, That's the centre of your design. You can always just set your origin just convenient. If you wanna reset the origin point, you can simply just click off and then we go back to rotation will be reset. Or what you can do is you go in your design central. Yeah, and then you just re click a position and or should I say, in my case, the centre and or we set it to the centre. Otherwise, that is it on rotation. So if we head here to r together today, we do have a variety of different software as we cover. And also we have a search option. If you wanna isolate your search. If you ever do not find what you're looking for, you always go here to request a training video. And then we will make that video for you. Otherwise, thanks, guys watching and cheers.

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