SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Adding Colors to Swatch Tables (Part 4) Swatch Tables Video Mini-Series

flexistarter swatch table add colour

When it comes to adding colors to a swatch table, whether it’s new or pre-existing, there are a number of ways to do that.

Adding colors to a swatch table can be of great help if you are working with unique colors that do not come with the default, this is also a great way to build a custom color swatches for different color identities for companies.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Docked or Floating Swatches.
Previous video covered adding a New Swatch Table.

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Video Transcript

Alright guys in today's video flexi starter, we're gonna be looking at how to add new colours to a colour swatch. But before that, let's have a quick introvert. So today's video can be fun on Uh, we make short and easy to watch problems, starting videos and also we have daily updates. Otherwise, back in the programme here and now, I just reminded there's a miniseries on working with colours and colour swatches. Now, in the previous video, we looked at adding a new colour Swatch. So now that today let's look at how can we add colours to that now? There's a few ways we can actually go about this mhm and yeah, So let's first cover Uh uh, mix away. So on your standard toolbar, we've got this little mixing board. So if we click that will bring up the colour Swatch. I'm sorry, kind of mix up, and then over a year, we can actually run between different colour modes. You can go rgb or so forth, and what you'll do is you'll adjust your colour here to what you like. Just grab like a maybe a bit dark green, and then what? You can do is you simply click and hold with your left mouse button on the current colour that it is. And then you wanna click and drag this all the way to your new colour Swatch. So if you leave it on there, you'll see I just added the new colour for us. Uh, like I mentioned before, Colour Swatch is a great way. If you're working with a strict colour design for a company, you can make a custom design colour tablet, colour Swatch. You know, you don't go outside of that design then, Okay, so that is now the first way. Another way we can do this. As with our colour speak, which is the little magnifying glass with that little red droplet or something in it, It's probably a drop a drop another. I think of it. Then we can also do it from here. But keeping in mind at the moment, it's gonna add it to whichever table is on top at the moment, you will see that our what do you call it, the default ones on top. That's what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna close that He asked me to say that I'm gonna say no because I prefer to leave that on a default. And now we only have one. Now, if we go to the colour, speak again your standard menu, you can always go adjust this according to what you're looking for, you can either go through the presets. You see a library and fine, but becomes more relevant when you going through other colour palettes. You can obviously set your mode. You can adjust your you and all of that and you're on the right. And then for now, I'm just gonna pick, maybe, like a sky blue. We can imagine that we just said custom values. We can see the sky blue and then what you can do, you'll see this. Actually, when you click and drag does not work. So now what you wanna do is click on the New Year at the bottom. Then, um, you can obviously set information and stuff like that on the right here if you want it and then you just look new and then you'll see it on top. Then I once you click, OK, we'll see is just add it to our colour palette or coloured table. So now we already have three colours, then, Uh, yeah, the another way you can do it, which I did not cover, is like let's say you've got your default colour palette open. You can simply click on a colour dragon. Drop it into the same. You would do it with your mixer drag and drop it just straight on colour palettes, which is Andy, if you're working on the base and then close that default. So if you want to only have a handful of colours another way, which you might want to use that say you imported a design from someone you want to make sure you keep the consistent colours like these, uh, this colour here, the rust orange. It is not something that comes with the programme. So this is for r to its primary colour. Now, what you can do is you just click on the shape, it's got the colour. So if it's vector based, then you can just go. You're on your full and stroke panel and on the full to the first one, the same way you can click on that little I can't drag it, and then you just drop you in your colour palette. Now you can see we've got that one in there as well, which is quite handy. So and then? Yeah. Then you've got your little colour palette. If you find you're happy with it, just make sure you're safe. But don't worry. If you do close without saving, it is going to ask you. Do you want to save your colour palette, but to save? It's real simple. You just right click on the colour palette. Do you want to save? And then you want to navigate your safe table? That's presuming you have already saved it. If you have not always gonna save as just save it where you want, we click. You're safe Now we've got our colour palette if we ever open it again. So if I go closed and then we got to view colour, it's open table. Describe the one we made my own life. You open it, you will see it automatically has all our colours for us. So this, Like I said, this is really such a handy tool. If you're working with them companies, corporate identity. So it's got already branded colour she works with. Then you want to go to this approach. Otherwise, if we had here to hat's here. That's okay, guys. On this we've got a variety of different software to cover, and you can also isolate. Just search on the top of right here. If you do not, however, find what you're looking for, you can just go to request a training video. Then we will make that video for but otherwise thanks, guys for watching until next one, which is.

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