SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 (Mini-Series) Color Swatch Tables, Video Index about this Feature

This is an index covering a mini-series on how to setup and also use color Swatch Tables.
Index Below.

When it comes to color swatch tables there are quite a few things to cover, but when you are working with strict color requirements, knowing how to use these will make the work more simple.

PART 1 – Different Color Modes

PART 2 – Open Swatch Table

PART 3 – New Swatch Table

PART 4 – Add Colors to Swatch

PART 5 – Docked or Floating Swatches

PART 6 – Swatch Table Views

PART 7 – Swatch Tables Visibility

PART 8 – Using Swatch Table Colors

PART 9 – Deleting Colors from Swatches

PART 10 – Merging Similar Colors

PART 11 – Swatch Table Color Order

PART 12 – Change Color with Mixer

PART 13 – Duotone Colors With Mixer