Advanced Shapes from the Flat Parts in FabriCAM Software (Mini-Series) Video Index

This is an index covering a mini-series of videos about the different Advanced shapes of Flat Parts available.
Index Below.

When it comes to the Advanced Flat Parts that comes with FabriCAM Software, we have a few shapes to look at which has from five to nearly ten different values to set.

PART 1 – P1 Circle with Circle Cut Outs

PART 2 – P2 More Circle Cut Outs

PART 3 – P4 Pully looking Shape

PART 4 – P5 Eskimo Looking Shape

PART 5 – P17 Advanced Circle and Rectangle

PART 6 – P20 Two Circles and Two Rectangles

PART 7 – P22 Advanced L Shape with Chamfer

PART 8 – P24 Advanced Pie Ring Shape

PART 9 – P25 Advanced Rectangle Cut Out 1st

PART 10 – P25 Advanced Rectangle Cut Out 2nd

PART 11 – P26 Advanced 11 Options Part

PART 12 – P28 Advanced Circle Cut Outs

PART 13 – P30 Advanced Rectangle Chamfering

PART 14 – P34 Advanced Rectangles Combo

PART 15 – P35 Advanced Rounded Rectangles

PART 16 – P36 Rounded Rectangle Cut Outs

PART 17 – P37 Advanced Circle Cut Outs

PART 18 – P38 Rectangle with Four Cut Outs

PART 19 – P39 Chamfered Rectangle Cut Out

PART 20 – P40 Rounded Rectangle Cut Out

PART 21 – P45 Rounded Triangle Rectangle

PART 22 – P48 Advanced Rectangle Circle

PART 23 – P51 Rounded Rectangle Combo

PART 24 – P55 Advanced Tri Rectangles

PART 25 – P56 Advanced Home Shape