Secondary Toolbar Part2 Editing CAM Parts in FabriCAM Software (Mini-Series) Video Index

This is an index covering a mini-series of videos about the Secondary Toolbar for the CAM feature.
Index Below.

When it comes to the Secondary Toolbar, we will be looking at the second half of the bar and all its features.

PART 1 – CAM ST Overview

PART 2 – CAM ST Delete Contours

PART 3 – CAM ST Cutting Direction

PART 4 – Create Hole Sequence Manually

PART 5 – Create Part Sequence Manually

PART 6 – CAM ST Move Entries/Exits

PART 7 – CAM ST Add Microjoints

PART 8 – CAM ST Delete Microjoints

PART 9 – CAM ST Add Bridge

PART 10 – CAM ST Delete Bridge

PART 11 – CAM ST Add/Update Remnant

PART 12 – CAM ST Orto

PART 13 – CAM ST Delete Remnant

PART 14 – CAM Import Remnant