Secondary Toolbar Transforming Flat Parts FabriCAM Software (Mini-Series) Video Index

This is an index covering a mini-series of videos about the Secondary Toolbar use with Flat Parts.
Index Below.

When it comes to the Secondary Toolbar we have a number of options available for editing Flat Parts.

PART 1 – Secondary Toolbar About

PART 2 – ST Rotate Flat Part

PART 3 – ST Move Flat Part

PART 4 – ST Edge Move Flat Part

PART 5 – ST Move to End

PART 6 – ST Add Parts

PART 7 – ST Add Part Settings

PART 8 – ST Symmetry

PART 9 – ST Group and Ungroup

PART 10 – ST Undo and Redo

PART 11 – ST Edit Part