Large Format Printer Printhead colour channel manipulation

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In the world of large-scale printing, printhead problems can significantly impact productivity and output quality. However, while a permanent fix is underway, there are innovative temporary solutions to keep your operations running smoothly. In this article, we explore these creative workarounds, including the ingenious use of fake black simulation through Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow channels, and the strategic doubling of colour channels. These practical techniques serve as a lifeline, ensuring your printer continues to perform, even when faced with the most frustrating printhead issues. Let’s dive into these fascinating temporary solutions that provide real-time results.

Each Printhead has many chambers, and sometimes due to damage, one or more chambers blocked or damaged. You can choose to use the printhead to print white but not all clients have the need to print white or the printer does not support printing white. So, we can also choose to manipulate the color in original settings and still get a good result print. This is a temporary fix and we recommend to change out the damaged printhead for a new one.

Fake K Channel, to use CMY to simulate K (useful when black chamber damaged)

Double Colour Channel (useful when half of the colour chamber damaged)

Example of sealed Printhead – EPSON-XP600/SEALED

As we conclude this exploration of temporary solutions to printhead problems, we invite you to delve deeper into the specifics of printhead maintenance.

If you’re encountering frequent printhead issues and are looking for a comprehensive solution, our previous article delves into the process of unclogging printheads, a service expertly provided by

Our detailed guide provides insight into this valuable service that’s designed to keep your printer running smoothly and efficiently.

Remember, while temporary fixes are crucial, understanding and addressing the root of the problem is key to maintaining your machine’s longevity and performance. Keep your printheads clean, your operations seamless, and your prints stunning with AM.CO.ZA’s trusted solutions. For more on unclogging printheads please have a look at our page on where we explore some options for unclogging printheads

If you are experiencing continual printhead issues after adjustment and unclogging, it might be time to consider a replacement for continued productivity of your large form printer. Have a look at’s range of printheads and especially’s pre-sealed printheads – for further more peace-of-mind.