CorelDraw Software Converting an Image from RGB to CMYK (Part 3) Step by Step Video Tutorial

coreldraw convert rgb cmyk

After we have setup our project we can move on to the next few steps, from which the first will be to add an Image.

Once we have our image within our project it is important to ensure that it has the correct channels to work with.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Removing Key from CMYK.
Previous video covered Project Setup.

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Video Transcript

Yeah. Hey, guys, In this next video, we're gonna be looking at how to bring an image into coral draw and converting it from R GB to C M Y K. But before that, let's have a quick intro first. So today's video can be found on And we make short and easy to watch problem solving videos. And we also have daily updates. Otherwise, we're into the programme here. So now, like in the previous video, we, uh should I say like in the previous video, we created a new document to make sure it's C M Y k the base. And then we added the, um, object properties and object manager. Now, the next thing we want to do is import an image and convert it so we can actually nicely remove the K without it affecting the other pieces. So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to file on top and then we wanna go to import. Now, this is important because it's not gonna work if we go file open. So we wanna go file import, and then this will give us our actual importing option. Now what I'm gonna do is just select the image somewhere where you can see some nice black importers, and then it will give us this weird cursor. It will change it, and it will ask us where we want to import it to. So I'm just gonna select the top left corner here. Click that And then, as you can see, if I zoom out here, it has imported the picture for us or the image, so that is pretty straightforward. But now, in order for all these settings to work, what we wanna do is convert this image to a actual. Um, I gonna say C m Y k So at the moment it is set to R GB and the next mini series. I will show you guys the difference between the um r GB and C M Y k with the actual channel mixer. But, uh, in order to set this one, what we wanna do is we, with our image selected, make sure it's also here on your image object manager that it is selected. You'll see it will highlight in blue and then on the actual display here, we'll have these transform gadgets That's how you know the image is actually selected. So what we can do is we go to actual bit map from a top, um, drop down menu. Let me zoom in for you guys so you can see a bit better. So we click on bit map, and then we wanna go down till we find mode. Now, if we open mode, you'll see we have different options here. We've got some black and white grey scale you tone we've got, um, the palette. You can set up more for Web use. We've got r GB. At the moment, it's greyed out, and that is because the current colour, um, profile is R GB or the colour mode got lab colour and then right at the bottom here, you can see we've got C M Y K colour 32. Now I'm going to select that, and then it will convert our actual image to C. M. Y. K. Now we can go to bit map colour mode and then we'll see that one is greyed out. So you can confirm that it is C. M. Y k. And then another way you can do is you can go window Dockers, and then we just add the colour. Um, What was it? The colour. Oh, you can't see it yet. Never mind. I'll show you that in the next video, but yeah, so that's one way you can confirm that it is actually set to it now, before we actually run into our to remove the K And that, um, I would say we first head on to, uh And then every year, you can find a variety of different Softwares. We do cover, uh, videos like this one and other ones will be uploaded. And then you can also isolate here. If you don't want to go through the whole list, you can try get exactly what you're looking for. But if there's something we don't cover and you would like to see it, just go. Yeah, request the training video, fill in the mini form, and then we'll do our best to try and make that for you. But otherwise, thanks, guys, for watching and cheers

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