Print Ink Control and White/Varnish Printing with FlexiPRINT for AM.CO.ZA DTF/UVDTF Printers

This is an index covering a mini-series of video on FlexiPRINTs Varnish and White Channels.
Index Below.

When it comes to working with Varnishes and White channels the setup can be quite an important step, and the same goes for a few other handy features that we will be looking at.

PART 1 – Add Setup Printers

PART 2 – Default Job Properties

PART 3 – ICC Color Profiles

PART 4 – PNG, Settings and Channels

PART 5 – Use Alpha Channel

PART 6 – Custom Varnish and White

PART 7 – Export White and Varnish

PART 8 – Bleed and Choke

PART 9 – Finalizing Your File