Adding Printers for White and Varnish Channels in SAi FlexiPRINT UV 22 Software (Part 1)

flexiprint white varnish channels

When it comes to designs with White and Varnish channels there are a few important things to keep in mind that we will be looking at.

Also Support can be quite a useful option while we in the process of setting up the right printer for the job.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Default Job Properties.

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Video Transcript

Alright, guys, In today's video and flexi print, we're gonna be looking at adding some printers to the production manager. One will be with white and one will be with white and varnish. But before that, let's have a quick intro first. So today's video can be found on co dot Z A. We make sure and easy to watch problem solving videos, and we also have daily updates. Otherwise, if we head into the actual programme here, I just wanna set up. Here we go. You might be met with this, um start up screen or you might be met with a, uh, prompt. That already asked you to install a printer. So what we gonna do if it doesn't ask you? We're gonna go on to our top main menu here, and then just fix our zoom quick. There we go. And we're gonna go to set up and we're gonna say add setup. They shortcut for that control N. So I'm just gonna click that. Just gonna open up this dialogue box with two different options. The top one is our brand, and the bottom one is our model. Now, this will be a good time to, um, contact support or look at. Maybe they've already given you some documentation on which model you have, and that is where you'll be selecting your model on the year. Now. This will determine depending on the printer you've got, whether you can print varnish or not. So I'm gonna set up two printers just for the tutorial sake, so we can see the difference. Because if you have varnish versus not varnished, it's a few slight changes you wanna make when printing or setting up for your print. But, um, yeah, we'll be covering all of that. So for the non varnish printer I'm gonna select from the models, we're gonna go down here to the UVDTF printer XP. I'm gonna select that. And then, uh, we're gonna go next year. Now, under this menu, we also have a few different options. The top option. We can change the name so you can put a custom name to better know which, um, one you're printing with. But in my case, I like to leave it the same. So it's easy to identify which printer it is. But you can always change that. We're gonna leave the next the same, then the last one here is, um how is your, uh, uh, actual printer connected to what's connected. So if it's connected, let's say to a network, then you wanna go here to TCP/IP? I wanna click that, and then you wanna put in the IT IP address of the PC the printer is connected to or the, um, your printing IP by default, I think it's 1 27 001. But just find out by your actual IT support, what is your, um, TCP/IP address for your printer? But for the sake of this tutorial, I'm just gonna set my file what file is gonna do? It's gonna allow us to save the actual document into a file format, and then you can copy it onto a flash drive, move to different computers and so forth, and then under that, we have a, uh, location. This is where the file will be saved to, so you can adjust this to anywhere you would like. And then, um, file will be saved to there. So I might adjust that later or just leave it a default. But this will be a great place to put it inside your project folder, in my opinion, then we simply click finish. And now we will see on our top bar here. We've got the printer. So the name you made it, it will show it there. But I just left my default. So now what I'm gonna do is quickly. Just add another one with varnish. I'm gonna go set up, add set up. Just run through this quickly. Now, this one we wanna go, it's got the same name, but at the end of it, it's got the HS. But like I say, contact support doesn't mean it's gonna be the same for you. I wanna select that one. Say next, change this to file and then leave the location the same and say finish. And there we go. Now we've got our two printers set up, as we can see here in the name, the one says HS. So we know that one that one for our varnish. And the other one does not have the HS, but yeah, otherwise, that is it. On the just setting the printers, the next video, we're gonna be looking at setting some default settings so that every time you start your project or load a file. Uh, the settings will be set up right for you, but yeah, otherwise before that, if we head here to co dot Z a you guys will notice We've got a variety of different Softwares we do cover. And you can also isolate your search on the top, right? If you do not however, find the training videos you're looking for, just simply go here, request the training video, fill in the mini form, and then we'll do our best to try and make that for you. But otherwise thanks, guys, for watching and cheers.

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