TruCUT RDWorks the LGP Outline and Cutting (Part 23) LGP Design Videos Mini-Series

rdworks lgp outline cutting

When you looking at making cutouts of the of the borders and outlines then you want to use this,

Sometimes you want to leave this option unchecked, that is when your base material is already the right size and you do not have any cutouts.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers LGP – Create, Position and Port.
Previous video covered LGP – Cut and Engrave Output.

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Video Transcript

Mm. Other guys in today's video, we're gonna be looking at the LGBT designs Outline cutting output option. But before that, let's have a quick intro first. Yeah, mhm. So today's video can be found on Today we make sure that easy to watch problem solving videos, and we also have daily updates. Otherwise, back in the programme here. Now, just a quick reminder. This is a miniseries on the L. G. P design feature, and I will also leave relevant links in the description so you guys can start with long Now, when it comes to the actual outlined cutting, you guys will notice. It is, um, very similar to the actual cutting engrave options, uh, minus one. So if we had to go here, enable it now, this is obviously enable for out outline cutting. So then we're gonna just how on the outline cutting. So let's say we do the engraving a certain amount, then without line cutting. Obviously make sure your power and that is correct. So it actually goes right through the prospects. Otherwise, you're gonna be, um, yeah, otherwise you're gonna basically just making an outline engraving as Well, so unless your perspective already the right size and you just need engraving on it, um which say, definitely recommend enabling this if you want to make cutouts of So once again we've got power or speech, I say and default. So if you wanna make out, cut out and it's a good idea, decreasing this and then when it comes to the power will definitely increase the power. So we decrease the speed, increase the power and obviously do some tests first. So I have a little test. Um, maybe 10 centimetres were 10. You do some engraving and outline cut on it just to make sure it cuts right through before you get your final project. And under that, you will notice, like, once again, we've got on delays. We've got his blow on and then off delay the setting that is not there is the output rotate 90 degrees rotation because I presume if this one is on, then automatically Your outline will also see it as on. But yeah, rather simple feature, which is a simple option, is very similar to the top. But like with normal cutting, keep in mind if you want to cut through. Just increase your or decrease your speed and increase your power. But yeah. Otherwise, if we had here to you guys will notice. We've got a variety of different Softwares we do cover. You cannot isolate your search on the top of right. If you do not, however, find the training videos. You're looking forward. Just simply you are here. Request the training video, fill in the uniform and then we'll do our best to try and make that for you. But otherwise thanks, guys, for watching and cheers.

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