SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Swatch Table Colors Overview (Part 8), User Interface Video Mini-Series

flexistarter swatch table colors

Swatch tables includes a group of standard colors, gradients, and patterns that can be applied to objects in your design.

There is quite a few options for the Swatch Tables, But we’ll only be looking at the most essentials in this video to get you started.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.

Next video we’ll have an overview of the Guides.
Previous video covered the Scroll Bar and Pan View.

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Video Transcript

How are you guys in today's video of Flexi Starter? We'll be looking at this watch tape, but let's start quickly with the intro first. So today's video can we find on y? We do have a variety of different sorts we do cover, and also we upload content daily. So just give out there for any new videos. Otherwise, we're back in the programme. Yeah, Now, just a reminder of all of you that's new. Uh, this isn't really serious on the user interface, so I will leave relevant links in the description so you can follow along otherwise, uh, back to the swatch table. Now, this is a very handy tool to quickly select colours for your designs. We've got to get a few different colour types as well indicated here, but we will cover that now. Also, just a quick disclaimer. This is just a mini overview of the colour of the swatch table. We will go into more depth in future videos, so I'll just be covering the basics to get you up and running with a this feature. So first of all, if you've actually closed this, you can always go on the view and then switch the table. So once again, if you want it back or if you wanted to remove it, view you navigate down till you get switched table. We have it back here. Now, um, the default colours, which you can see on the right here. We have covered in another media. If you even change the default here, if you have nothing selected, that's how you want to read as your full and then a blue as your stroke and you can keep controlling and you click on the blue so normal left, click on the full and then, uh, control plus click change the stroke then, uh, but what you can also do, which is quite nice. So but any case with default? Now, if you make a new shape or anything like that, it will have these default colours on the bottom of right. But what can also do is if you select your shape instead of going down to the full and struck panel. Now we're going to the full, changing the colour, the into the stroke. You can just do straight from this, uh, table here. So let's say we want to change the inside to, let's say, like a goldfish green they know with it selected to select on the gold is green and will change your all colour. Likewise, if we want to change maybe the outline to something like Black, you can just keep controlling and click on that, then, um yeah, because it's selected. It's got a red outline to show it selected. But if we select that and zooming and see now we've got the gold is green plus black. And then, uh, yeah, that's the easy way of navigating it. Like I mentioned, there's many other options. If you right click and so forth. You also get coloured types. So if you have these icons, but it will cover most of the store. But I just cover it quick like I had the little Plus there they will be four spot colours, and I've had two little round pluses or icons. Pluses OBE for the d o colour tones, So yeah, but like I said, we're going to more depth than future videos. Otherwise, that is the basics on the swatch table. Then if we had to hat Celia, uh, this video and more videos like this available there. And like I mentioned, we've got a variety of different software to cover. We also have this nice little search feature years. If you want to isolate your search for anything specific, otherwise, if you still run dry, I just got your request, a training video, and then we'll make that for you. But otherwise thanks, guys, for watching and cheers.

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