SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 DesignCentral Editing Paths (Part 15) Working with Paths Mini-Series

flexistarter editing paths designcentral

Using the DesignCentral panel to do edits to paths within FlexiSTARTER, this is very important when changing corners.

Other than the corner types you can change the line style and also one or two other smaller things within this panel.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Paths Points in DesignCentral.
Previous video covered Removing Self-Intersections.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys, in today's video flexi starter, we're gonna be looking at how to edit your parts with the Design Central panel. But before that, let's have a quick intro first. Okay, Yeah. Mm. So today's video can be funnel We make sure that easy to watch problem solving videos, and also we have daily updates. Otherwise we're back in the programme now. The reason why you would want to change your paths with the design central is that you have a lot more flexibility that you can or options. You can do some of the things you want to do more in the actual design area, saying that it's more of a 1 to 1 visual. Can I say representation of what's happening so it makes it easier for designing, But some things you can I don't know if you can only be found in the design central, but it isn't easy to change it here. It makes more sense. So you guys, to do that, we want to make sure we've got our A select point tool enabled, which is n and then what you can do is, uh, first of all, there's two different ways you can select points, so the one is you simply click on them. Another way is you can actually click between the two and then it would look like it added a new point. But as you see, if we change this, it's actually changing or moving both those points together. It's now if I remove, it looks like it's a point there. But if I kick off it, you'll see that point is actually not there. So it's kind of like just a temporary arm that, um allows you to control those control points or this path points together. So just to make sure that you know it's not you're not adding anyone you simply just you can actually say anyway, say selecting multiple points, um, for editing, making officers keep shifting and do the same thing. Select multiple points. But if you're only looking at the two, this is a quick way. Otherwise, if you want to have more than two, you get somebody to keep shift. Let me try that again. Okay, I'm clearly doing something wrong because it is now. I'm not playing wrong with me, Okay, So it seemed like I would have to be on my right tool. I was on my normal selection tool. So that can happen. Make sure your actual and select point is enabled. Otherwise you will get the result I got there and think the tools broken. So in any case, so now onto it. So if we have one point selected, we'll see. We've got a few options here under the actual path panel. First one is we can choose. We want to make it a straight path or a busier curve, which, if you look at these ones, they are busier curves, and these ones are straight points, so you can change between that. We also have the point type a cusp, or we've got just smooth and symmetrical, which we have covered before, and in order to change it, you can simply click on it. Then let's say we want to click this to a curve path and you'll notice it's not a curved path yet, so we'll have to either to smooth, symmetrical and then when we add at this point, we will be met with these control arms. Uh, trying to keep in mind at this point is not a curve. It will only use one of those arms. As you can see, that point is kind of like a straight point. So now if we had to change this to a curve, then suddenly we kept both arms. So that way you can still get a nice, sharp corner and get around it as you can see like this, then, um yeah, so let's just switch that back. And what you do is if you select between the two, you can also added these values. So what kind of set the position as you can see So you can obviously play around with that and see what works for you. It works for you. My apologies. Well, otherwise that is it on setting the actual paths. Using your design central, the next video, we'll be looking at setting the actual points and, uh, otherwise, we head here to Uh, you guys will know that we've got a variety of different software to to cover, and you can also isolate your search on the top of right. If you do not, however, find training video looking for you can always go here, request a training video, and then we'll make that video for but otherwise thanks, guys for watching until next one chills

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