SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Overview of the Guides (Part 9) User Interface Video Mini-Series

sai flexistarter guides overview

Guides are nonprintable horizontal and vertical lines that you can position anywhere you like within a FlexiSTARTER document window.

Normally, they are displayed as solid blue lines with in the Design Area.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers some Extra Guide Settings.
Previous video we had an overview of the Swatch Table.

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Video Transcript

How are you guys in today's video? Flexi starter. We'll be looking at guides, but let's have a quick intro first. Yeah, yeah. So today's video can be found on r to others that you guys will notice. We've got a variety of different Softwares we do cover, and we do also upload videos daily. So just keep an eye there for new content. The widespread back in the programme here. Now, just a reminder. This is a miniseries on the user interface, and I will leave relevant links in the description so you can follow along otherwise guides. Um, yeah, guys are quite handy if you have, let's say strict design requirements. So certain things has to be a certain let's say measurement or so forth, or what you want to do is you want to make sure you've got enough white space around your design. So when you finally printed or so forth that you know you don't actually print outside the borders, so now to locate your guides, what you have is these two rulers you're on the top or shows on the left and the top. Now, if you do not see them, you can always go to your view. Then we navigate down until we find show. Then we go to guide or show guys. We select this, then, um, you actually will not be able to see the guides. And then also, if you go to show and we go to ruler or show ruler, this will be the actual rulers. So if we select that again, then you cannot see these rules. Now your guides are located or you do get them from your rulers. And to do that, you simply let's say you want a vertical guide. You can go over on your ruler from your on to the left and just click and you drag. You can kind of place where you want your ruler placed. Now, at the bottom left, we can see measurements. So you kind of get an idea of your cross. Say, I'm how far that So if you actually, if you want it exactly a centimetre or so forth, you can just look there. And when you finally drop it in, then it will make this little blue light. Now, with this line also, you can actually select on it with your selection tool So if you have that selected and you click on the guide, it will be selected. Now you can move it around again. All what you can do is go to this design Central Young, right? Then you'll see here. We can actually now set. It's, um, uh, location. You want to make sure it's exactly one cent in media. Okay, We just added in there Bruce Escape. Now we know this thing is exactly one centimetres, and we click off. We've got a guide there. Now, you can obviously do the same for the top bottom and right. So if you want to make sure that is your kind of your threshold, you don't wanna go past that. And then let's say also, you want to use a guide to snap objects to and create. So let's say I've got two guides here. Then what you can do is when you select a shape, then we first have to make sure the snapping is enabled. I think by default it is. But we want to go to view. We navigate the bottom till we find snap. Then we go, and then we make sure as we can see it is highlighted. It's got a blue law block. She indicates that it is enabled. So now things will snap to the guide. So let's just test that. So that's what we've got a little block here that we grade it. Try that again. So, as you see, if we get to the vertical guide will snap to it and the horizontal one and also snapped. Keep in mind if you eat the corner there. Unlike most other programmes, this one will only slap to one of the sites. So if you wanna make it snap to both, then you're gonna have to actually scale that side and then scale party and you can snap it. And this is nice. If you've got exactly the exact measurements that you need to make, you can always use guides and then use it to restrain the actual design you make. Then, uh, also on the design a few things that we can look at. So if we select this design, then if you want to remove it, you can right click when it's selected and you receive this clear button. Yeah, so if you click that, then you can remove it. We also have the elite now, which bring myself the same thing. Then you can also copy the guy to paste the duplicated and so forth, which is quite handy. Also another option we have if we, um, double click the guide when it selected, we see we've got these rotation arms and now you can actually rotate your guide any angle you want, which is very handy. And then if you keep shifting while you rotate it, it will lock it to 45 degrees amounts, which is also quite handy, were also in the middle year have its pivot point or centre stationary point. So if we move that and now you rotate it or move it rotated around that point. So for more advanced users, um, you understand what they will be for, but yeah, Otherwise, like I mentioned, you can right click. You can say clear or delete now, and it will remove that guide. Otherwise, yeah, that is the basics on the guide and like a very handy thing if you've got strict design requirements. Otherwise, we had here to n CNN today. This video and more videos like this is available here, and as you can see we've got a variety of different Softwares. We do cover. Like I mentioned you don't find what you're looking for. Going to search and just isolate your search. If you still run dry, just go. You requested training video and then, yeah, we'll make that for you. Otherwise, thanks, guys, for watching until the next one shoes.

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