SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Importing (PNG) Files (Part 7) Importing Files Video Mini-Series

flexistarter importing png files

The PNG format is the most frequently used uncompressed raster image format on the internet.

One of the greatest features of PNG files other than the ability to have lossless data compression, is its capability of saving transparent pixel information.

This video is part of a mini-series.
Next video covers Importing SVG files.
Previous video covered Importing JPG files.

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Video Transcript

other guys in today's video. Flexi starter. We're gonna be looking at importing PNG files. Let's have a quick intro first. Yeah, uh uh. So today's video can be found on procedures. We have a variety of different sources. We do cover, and also we upload we're just daily, so you can just keep our eye there for the new content. Always were back in the programme here. Now just a reminder. This is a miniseries on importing, so we'll leave relevant links in description so you guys can follow a lot. Otherwise, when it comes to PNG file formats, it's also known as portable network graphics, uh, format or some people just call it portable graphics. Now, a beauty of this is that you can make it quite lightweight, and it supports transparent backgrounds. So in other words, if you import something that has no background or export it, you can import it again with having a transparent background. It's quite nice for some applications. So now, to use our important tool, we want to navigate you to our top standards, Su bar for one way the next to the save this this little save icon that shows arrow to a paper, the of your mouth. You'll see it's this import. You can click that we can go talk to our main menu. I'm going to file important once we've selected this or pop up our import options. And then, as you can see here, we've got our PNG. Just make sure your false type is set to PNG if you do not see it. Otherwise you can select your PNG. Then you're on the right. If you do not have the thumbnails enable like me, you can always have a preview, and you can see a preview of the photograph selected when it comes to the Lincoln. Now, if linking is off, then what will happen is we'll take this file and embedded into your main project file. So if you say then you copy that file anywhere, that image will be going along with you say link. Then it will keep the file in its original place and only put a copy or a link rather too. Do you copy your project far without the image, people won't be able to see that huge. So like I normally say, this is great. You can use linking. If you're using the image only as a reference and you don't want it in your final project, then you keep it on the link. Otherwise, you can always go keep it off and then you walk embedded in. Otherwise, weekly importa will give us this blue box where we want to import it to. We want to locate it. Then we can click the like. I mentioned by saying, What? PNG files, as you can see if we move this over this graphics, you can actually see right through the transparent areas, which is, um, like I said, it's a very handy file format, like there's a few others have supported, but PNG around. It's just very well designed. Otherwise, yeah, that is it on important PNG files if we navigate here too got See, uh, you guys will notice that, uh, this video more. It is like the survey, but yeah, And like I mentioned earlier, we have a variety of different Softwares. We cover, then also, we have this nice search options. So if you're looking for anything specific, you can just type in your an isolated search. But after that, if you don't come up with any results Stall or what? You're looking forward. You can always go. You requested training video and we will make that video for you. But otherwise thanks, guys, for watching and cheers.

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