SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Importing (JPG) Files (Part 6) Importing Files Video Mini-Series

flexistarter importing jpg files

With JPG files being one of the most common type file formats, it is no surprise that you can import them as well.

A JPG file is an image saved in a compressed image format standardized by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

This video is part of a mini-series.
Next video covers Importing PNG files.
Previous video covered Importing PLT files.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys in today's video Flexi Starter, we're gonna be looking at importing JPEG files, but let's have a quick intro first. Oh, so today's video can be found on We have a variety of different options We do cover, and also we upload videos daily so you can just keep an eye there for in your content. Otherwise, we're back in the programme. Yeah, now importing JPEG files. They spray one of your most common, um, type of images out there. Yeah, other than the PNG. So the JP kind of sounds just for a joint photographic experts group. It's kind of the people that set the standard or the company or so for the group of people. So then importing is pretty straightforward. So But before we start that, let me just remind you this is a mini serious on importing files. So I will leave links in the description to relevant videos. If you would like to follow along, but then back to the importing. So we can either do it by navigating to our top by our standards toolbar, and we go to this little stuffy icon that goes to a paper. It looks a bit like the save icon, but smaller. And then you can either click that or you can go on top of a while and we never get to import. And once you've clicked that or pop us up with the import options, then you can set this to JPEG under the files of type you know, navigate to your JP where it's located, and after you've selected it, you can either click the preview or link. Now the preview. Obviously you can see a life previous. So if you have many JPEG and your thumbnails are not on like mine here, this is a great way to see that. And then we have link, and what this will do is it will actually, um, instead of embedding it into your actual project that will just link. So if you copy your project file, it'll be smaller if it's linked. But if someone else opens certainly did not copy the image along, then they will not be able to see that image. So if you're using it just as a reference and I would say, use the link. But if it's going to be part of your actual final design, make sure you leave link off. Otherwise we click import here. We'll pop this up this blue box where you want to locate it so I'll just click there. And there's a JPEG like I say, very straightforward. Um, a very, very common file formats. Otherwise, we have yet to he zebra. Um, like I said, this video more like videos like this is available here. And then also, as you can see, we do cover quite a variety of different Softwares where there's a nice little search options. So if you're looking for anything specific, you want to isolate your search and then you still run dry. You can always get a request, a training video, and then we'll make it four. But otherwise thanks, guys watching and cheers.

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