SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Some Extra Settings for the Guides (Part 10) User Interface Mini-Series

flexistarter guides extra settings

Even though the Guides Tool is pretty straight forward, there’s still a few extra settings to look at.

When it comes to being able to set the measurement units or setting the origin of the guides starting point, then this is the video to watch.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers the Document Borders.
Previous video we had an overview of the Guides Tool.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys in today's video flexi starter, we're gonna be looking at some more options for the guy. But let's quickly just have a quick intro first. Mhm. Yeah, So today's video can be found on ncealer. You guys will know that we've got a variety of different Softwares we do cover. And also we do our blood videos daily, so just keep our eye there for any new content. Otherwise we're back in the programme. Yeah, now, just a reminder. This is many serious on the user interface, so I will leave relevant links and description. So if you would like to follow along otherwise also, this is part two of the guides. As there is a bit, you know, there was too much to cover in one video. So in this section, we're gonna be looking at some extra settings forward. Now, In the previous video, we did look at how to make guides move them around and so forth, so we won't be covering here, so you can always just cheque out the previous video if you want to see that. But in this video, we're gonna be covering this little icon here on the top left next to two routers. Now, this is basically just by this icon kind of indicates where the origin of your rulers will be, so we can see it's coming from the top to bottom and top two top left to right. So we can see here on this point of the design border, it's zero and zero. So now, if we double click this little icon, it will pop up the ruler and good settings. If we look under here, we've got two tabs. We're discovering the ruler today. And then, uh, yeah, the first one. We've got the origin so you can actually set custom origin amounts in here. So if you want to start a centimetre away from, uh, left, let's say then the zeros only be there, and then you can do that. But in my personal opinion, just leave these default. Then next up, we've got the orientation. So as we can see the kind of the icons explain itself. So if we had to pick, let's say the top. So now we, um top to bottom and right to left. And then if we say okay, then you'll see. Now the zero is your top, right? Uh, on a left. But in my, uh, workflow, I prefer leaving that one top to bottom and left to right. And then last year, we've got the units. Now, obviously, the units you can just set what you want inches, feet there's more inches, um, and so forth will keep mine on centimetres. And then when you finally happy, you can just like Okay, you know, keep all your synthetics Otherwise, Yeah, that is that on the extra settings if we navigate here to Uh uh, this video and more videos like this is available, Like I also mentioned earlier. We have a variety of different software cover. If you don't find what you're looking forward, just go. Yes, to search option. And yeah, you can use the legislature that otherwise you can also just go request a training video if you don't find what you're looking for. And then don't make that for you guys. Otherwise, thank you for watching. And cheers

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