SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Different Path Point Types (Part 9) Working with Paths Mini-Series

flexistarter different path point types

When it comes to the path point types, you get three different one that you are able to choose from.

All these points have Different purposes depending on the corner type required for each point within the design.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Edit Open Paths.
Previous video covered Box & Inclined Bounding Select.

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Video Transcript

other guys in today's video Flexi starter. We're gonna be looking at different path points. But before that it was a quick intro. First, yes. Mm. So today's video can be found on z. We make sure that easy to watch problem solving videos, and we also have daily updates always back in the programme here. Just a quick reminder. There's a miniseries. I'm working with paths and I will also leave relevant links in the description so you guys can actually follow along. So in today's video, we're gonna be looking at different path points. So if we have our point, um, select point tool active that can be found here on our main toolbar. The short end, you can see we've got all these path points. Now we've got different types of points, depending on what they are used for. So the first point of a year if we had to select it, you see, we've got these two equal arms as we adjust this the opposite cyber also just equal distance. This is known as a symmetric point. As you can see, it does a symmetrical scaling in that opposite direction. So this is very nice for, like, nice gradually smooth corners and so forth. Then the next one we've got. Yes, um, we've got the smooth. So what That will do? Zoom in here So you guys can actually see it all now? So we've got symmetrical there. Then we've got the smooth in the middle. So smooth is very similar to the asymmetric with one main difference. As you can see, as we pull this arm out, the other side does not. So I mean, this is nice. If you want to do a bit of a sharper bend, you can decrease one and increase the other one. Or you can put in a similar distance, same as a smooth. But he can also make like I mentioned sharper corners. So this is definitely you have more control with this one and the other one. But sometimes if you if you don't need to refine a corner too much and just a normal symmetrical works fine with that, then next up, we've got this one which is called Chris or the crisp custom. Sure you pronounce it. Then what? This will basically do. It will. The two points will not be locked to each other so I can turn this one, as you can see, and the other point does not get affected. So this is nice if you want to have a nice shot corner, but still with the curve in it. Because if we go to something like, let's say we may turn this one into, um a straight line, I'm gonna turn this one as well, just so that we can see there's something in this line. So we've got a straight line with corner and then, as you can see, this straight lines where now, with this, we can actually still have a curve in both of these, but still a sharp corner. So just a quick recap again. So we get we can have a symmetrical type corner which got a as you change it or a symmetrical effect. Then we also have a smooth corner, which those little arms we'll still aligned with each other. But you can set the distance individually and then last up. We've got here the company, um, corner, which you can actually set the arms in different directions and different lengths as well. Yeah, that is it. On the corner types. If we had here to You guys will notice that we do have a variety of different Softwares recover, and also you can isolate your search on the top of right. But if you do not find the video looking for you can always go here, request a training video and then we'll make that video for you. But otherwise thanks guys, for watching until next one chills.

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