SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Hide or Show the Toolbars (Part 1) Toolbars Video Mini-Series

flexistarter hide or show toolbars

Have you ever closed a tool bar by accident, or perhaps would like to add Toolbars that’s not open by default?

Now with the option to be able to show or hide toolbars, you will be able to find those closed toolbars again, and also speed up your workflow by adding toolbars for tools you use more often in your workflow.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Docking and Undocking of Toolbars.

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Video Transcript

How are you guys in today's video? Flexi starter. We're gonna be looking at how to hide and show two bars. But before that, let's have got intro first. Today's video can be found on Let's see, uh, we have a variety of different Softwares. We do upload, and also we upload videos daily, so just keep it there for the new content. Otherwise, we're back in the programme. Yeah, now we've briefly covered this showing and hiding of two wars in the user Interface mini series, but it was a very brief coverage. So today we're gonna look at a few different ways. We can do this now. There's a multiple reasons why you might want to do this. And, for instance, let's say two bars not visible or you actually closer to then this is a great way knowing how to bring it back. And also just on a side note, this will be a miniseries on the toolbars because we've got a few things we need to cover on to set them up and change them around. So, otherwise, our first way we can do this so we can just navigate your view I'm sorry. Wrong back then. There. Try zooming again. Yeah. In any case, we're going to view and then we want to navigate down to two bars. They should get for this control T we click that they know purpose this to bar, um, options. And then under this, uh oh, you can see we've got all the different tools we can bring out. So, for instance, our standards while we can hide it, bring it back. Like I said, he actually closed it. Same with our main toolbar. And it's also a great place to kind of be used to What's their names? So, like the view toolbar that effects and so forth and then another way we can do this, like I mentioned is sort of a shortcut key We saw there so that we control plus t. Then it will bring up the same option. Then also, what we could do is on any white space on our and blank areas on the toolbar, we can also right click. And then we have all the two boss there the same way you can just hide the standard. Well, then you get a white space and you can put it back now also, another thing is, let's say we're open a new to ask, so there's many year that you could use. Let's say you snapping too often and you wanna instead of going to a menu for it, you can always just throw a toolbar out. As you can see, this is called a floating too well, so it's not dark to anything, so it's got a little close. But on the right, if you want to remove it or you can right, click it and also say hide, and then you can also simply just drag it onto a white space and it will become a doctor, too. It's again. You can remove it like the match, and then uh, yeah, like I said, this is a great feature. You might also be that you don't need. For instance, let's say the of YouTube or let's say you're very comfortable. Your shortcut keys and this is taking up extra space and you want to put another two bodies in the same thing. You can kind of his right leg click on the view that it is no longer visible, but for the second tutorials, I will leave the view on. So that will be the first video on to Boss. We navigate to Uh, like I mentioned in the intro. It is. We have a variety of different software to cover and also, um, isolated search here. If you look for anything specific or if you don't find what you're looking for, just get your request. A training video, then we will make that for you. But otherwise thanks, guys, for watching until next one. Cheers.

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