SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Compounding Shapes by Colour (Part 2) Compounding Shapes Mini-Series

flexistarter compounding by colour

When it comes to Compounding by color, you are now able to select multiple objects and quirky get the best result.

Much like the normal Compound feature, the Compound by Color will make short work of cut-outs when working with shapes with multiple colors.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Previous video covered Compounding Objects.

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Video Transcript

other guys in today's video Flexi starter. We're gonna be looking at compounding objects by colour. But before that, let's have a quick intro first, Uh, so today's video can be found on CEO. Today we make sure that easy to watch problem solving videos and we have daily updates always went back on the programme here and now I'm just you guys know this is gonna be like miniseries on compound. Look at two parts serious. So it's gonna be a rather short one, and I will leave relevant links in the description so you guys can follow along. So now, in today's video, we're gonna be looking at compounding but colour and I'll show you the main difference between that and the normal compound. So now obviously a good thing to keep in mind. If you had to comply, find something compound. It will make a cut out of wherever the objects are intersected. So in this case, if I had to go here to arrange on top to compound and compound which control them, you can see here it made a cut out of the weather. Two circles overlap. Likewise, if I had to take these two rectangles do the same thing, right? Click and combine and compound. Let's see. It makes it a little cut out there in the centre. Obviously, it will be doing it with these two shapes as well. If I just use shortcut for that, control him. Let's see, they've got cut. Mm. But one thing you will notice, um, this method if I had to make a copy on the right, As you can see all these overlapping shapes, it's gonna be a bit of a mess. But it's just for the sake of showing the difference between colour and not if we had to. Now go compound this or control em. We'll see. It makes cutouts wherever there's overlaps, and it turned it into one base colour. So that is your normal compound, and that is the limitations. When it comes to working with multiple colours, we'll ignore the colours and kind of just treat everything as one shape. Anything on top will try to cut out onto the bottom layer and so forth. So now if we had to combat by, um, colour So once again to locate that we go to our main menu on top range compound, and then we'll see what your compound by colour, unfortunately, not have shortcut key, so you'll have to navigate like that every time. You cannot access it by right clicking, either. But you can un compounded by right clicking. So once again, just it's a range compound compound by colour. Now, if we click that you'll see it has taken two yellow shapes, even though it was, we can show you under another layer. So those layers on top of that. But it kind of ignored that, and they compounded to compounded to yellow's together and the two pink. So now if we move that apart, you can see like we showed previously. So this is a quick way to kind of group things by colour. But keeping in mind, it's not just grouping, and also it's gonna cut out. So my example years, maybe a bit of a mess. It's not a very practical approach, your attack, but it's a good way to see our isolates. The colours, regardless of which layer order they are for the stacking order, show this so otherwise that is it on, compounded by colour, it's just quick recap. It will join the two colours within the selection. That is, the clothes are it's the same. Or you can have multiple colours, obviously, and all the ones are the same colour or compounded together. And it's located on the main menu. Arrange compound compound bike. Otherwise, we had year to f the other day. You guys will notice that we do have a variety of different Softwares we cover. And also you can just search on the top, right? If you do not find the video you're looking for, however, you always can request training video and then we will make that video for you. But otherwise thanks, guys watching and chills.

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