SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Snapping Objects to a Point (Part 1) Snap to Feature Mini-Series

flexistarter snapping objects to point

With so many great Snap to options to choose from, we’ll be starting our journey with the Snap to Point option from the Snap feature.

This video is part of a Mini-Series that covers all the different ways to Snap your Objects.
Next video covers Snap to Guides.

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Video Transcript

are you guys in today's video of Flexi Start and we're gonna be looking at snapping objects two points. But before that was a quick intro offers. Mm, So today's video can be found on ? Got see, uh, we make sure that easy to watch problem solving videos, and we have daily updates that was ready back to the programme here. Now, just to let you guys know there's gonna be a miniseries on snapping objects as there's quite a few different features or ways to go about it that we have to cover. So the first one we're gonna be looking at is snap two point, and the reason why you're doing it also snap objects. There's a lot of times you have. Maybe, let's say, is strict design requirements when it comes to measurements and so forth. Then you can basically make templates and guides and then just snap your design around that as you work a lot that way, you know your final outcome is gonna be way more consistent. There's obviously other reasons why you would want to do it as well. If you want to constrain something with innocent and shape or make sure that everything is aligned properly without overlaps. It's also a great time to use snap. But like I said today, we're gonna be looking at snapping two points or to a point. The first thing we want to do is make sure the snap tool is enable. So in order to do that, we want to navigate to our main menu on top. Here we go to view, Do we navigate it all the way till we find Snap? And then under that menu, you'll see we've got a quite a few different options yet. Yeah. Now you can obviously click on your snap to board. Then we have all the snap features here. So we've thrown on top here. You can easily navigate between them. You just hover. I'm gonna see what they show you, what they say, which once it's gonna be. But today we're gonna be looking at snapping two points. So once again, just reminded view and we wanted to navigate the entire front snap and we've got their snap your point Now, as you can see, it's already enabled. If we had to click on it again, it will disable it. So just you know that is a quick way of enabling and disabling features. What should I say? I'm snapping features. So now the snap to point when, uh, if we have our selection two year enabled or not to borrow to pay for it and you've selected something you can see we've got these points here on your, um, shape. There's no also known as no note points. But then, in any case, so if we use this and let's say we want to scale it, then you'll see the shape at the bottom. It's gonna snap it relevant to the at the moment. As you can see, I've got my proportional editing and able to either I can. What I can do is on a scale and keep shifting. Will disable it. Or what I can do is, um, I just disabled during our design central panel, click on the little arrow and now it is disabled. Also, find the design central panel next to the undo and redo buttons on the right of it. So now if I go again, so now if we navigate here, you can see it snaps it too. Uh, okay, I'm still constraining, so I'll just keep shifting for now. So then it snaps here to the centre, which is actually the centre of these two or the back. And if you, as you can remember, if we select this one, we've got points here, points on the corner. And that is why it is snapping it on those areas because it's actually points. But one thing to keep in mind, um, obviously this is relevant to the shape next to it. So if we had to take this one and do the same thing you'll see will snap it as well to the centre points, um, to the size of that shape. But if we had to go on the side here and then keep shifting, you'll see it actually does not snap it to that one at all. Because at the moment that one is not relevant to its, um, direction of scale. Because we use the bottom point, it can scale bottom and write it Caesar's object as something to snap. So in order to have a snap to something to the right, I'm just gonna make you a duplicate to the left shifting. And now, because we've got a shape to its right, you'll see it does the same thing. Now it's nap into that shape so you can always use different shapes as templates. Like I said, if you want to make sure you exactly within a system design, um, or so forth, you can also like, let's say we had to make a over a year, and now we want it to be exactly having inside that one. But up to scale. Then, with that snap two point selected, we cannot simply just okay with our shift, uh, selected well, drag our little shape nodes and then, as you can see, that ultimately snapped inside circle. So now you'll know it's exactly inside the rectangle without, if there's actually off, we often get stuff like this where it kind of overlaps, even if it's just a little bit. And then you have to zoom in as close you can to try a line it where it snapped. Tool just kind of makes quick, makes this process way quicker so you can as quickly as a client. But otherwise that is it. On snap two point next week we'll be looking at such great and then how does that work But otherwise if we had here to y you guys will notice We've got a variety of different Softwares we do cover. And also you can isolate your search on the top, right? If you do not however, find the video looking for you can always go here, request the training video and then we will make that video for you. Otherwise thanks, guys, for watching and cheers.

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