SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Software Default Colors (Part 6) User Interface Video Mini-Series

flexistarter default colours

If you, like me, is tired of having to change new shapes colors only after you’ve made them, then this is for you.

Being able to choose what the Default Colors should be for the Fill and Stoke is a great way to speed up one’s workflow.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers the Scroll Bar & View Panning.
Previous video covered the Status Bar & Tool Tips.

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Video Transcript

mhm. How are you guys in today's video is flexi starter. We'll be looking at the default colours, but let's start with a quick intro first so today's video can be found on Uh, we do have a variety of different cultures. We do cover, and also we upload this daily. So just keep it there for a new concept. Otherwise, we're back in the programme. Yeah, Now, just a reminder before we start, this is a miniseries on the user interface. Um, so I will leave links in the description to relevant videos. If you want to follow along otherwise, Yeah, let's jump into it. So now to kind of see why did your default colours? First of all, we want to navigate to the bottom right of the screen, and then we can see here. We've got stroke and full these two little colours here now. Yeah, if we, uh, to change them, we can simply use these icons. But before that, let's just have a good looks. And if we select the shape described rectangle so at the moment the full will be black and the struggle were red. So if we dragged a little rectangle here. Mm. Then at the moment, you'll see we cannot really see the stroke. So if we go here to our struggle full editor all right, then we can see here we're under the first one is the full. So if you just hover your mouse over the tool tip will show you. And then we can choose a colour there if we want. Then if we go over here to our and for the actual stroke, then you've got the line type in that we'll cover this in another video, But then you can find the colour here, and then this is the size or the width of the stroke. So if we set that up now, you can see the actual stroke. So then, um but if we didn't change this to Grey, it would have been the black and read. But keep in mind selecting objects that already has a fullness stroke. This won't display what their colours. This is kind of The default is kind of what you're gonna be creating with your next shape. So to see colours, the shapes colour, you actually click it and look on your full and struck. So we see this once damn stroke he's read and the full is blue, so keep that in mind. But now let's say we want different defaults. Then what you can do is you go on your little colour palette at the bottom and let's say we, uh, select the green for the full. And then if you want to select the stroke from here, you have to keep holding. So this crab, maybe a stock gold ish colour. Then if you clip sorry, keep controlling, not halt, then it will actually change that colour. So we've got green fulfil and control plus click and change the actual all colour Sorry. Now, if you make a box or rectangle their name, it's like the actual broke a bit broader than we can see. It's got the new default. And now any shape after this that you create with us, we'll have those defaults, so just keep that in mind. But yeah, it is a but they need to know how to change the default because sometimes you don't want to constantly go change your colours. Every time you're making a new shape, you might be using those colours for a lot of your design, and then you just quickly at the bottom. Yeah, normal. Collect for the full and you keep control. And you click the stroke. Always. Yeah, that is it. On the default colours. I hope it comes in handy for you guys. Otherwise, if we had here to see, uh, you guys can find this video more like it. Uh, like, also mentioned earlier. We've got a variety of different software suite to cover. And then you can also isolate your search here if you're looking for anything specific, Otherwise, if we don't find what you're looking for, just go here. Request the training beer. Then we will make that for you. But otherwise thanks, guys, for watching until next one. Cheers.

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