SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Status Bar and Tool Tips (Part 5) User Interface Video Mini-Series

flexistarter status bar tool tips

All fields and control points that can be hovered over with the mouse to show tool tips to help.

Toolbar buttons will display both a tool tip and a brief description in the Status bar (bottom-left corner of the screen).

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers the Default Colors.
Previous video covered the View Toolbar.

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Video Transcript

hi guys. In today's video flexi starter. We'll be looking at the status bar and tool tips, but let's have a quick interest first so today's video can be found on Will see that zero. We do have a variety of different Softwares recover and we uploaded daily. So just by their content, otherwise we're back to the programme. Yeah, now, before we start just a reminder. This is a miniseries on the user interface, so I will leave relevant links in descriptions to some previous videos and so forth. Otherwise, when it comes to the status bond tool tips, this is very handy feature that most programmes actually come with and that basically get extra information about and what's happening inside. Or if you've hovered over, Icon gives you extra information and how to use that tool and so forth. Some programmes also we're doing actions like rotating so far. We'll also update and tell you what's the kind of percentage and stuff, but I don't think it happens in this one. But then I just start off. Let's start with the status bar. So right here at the bottom of the screen, we have this bar all the information status information will pop up in this bar. So, for instance, if I just of a year with my mouse, you can see where the location of the mouse point is, I'm not sure if you can see this is maybe a bit small, but this is relevant to the size of your actual, um, document and these measurements on top. So we're all the year around 14. Then we can see the excess 14. And then, uh, why is kind of 23 so you can move to 20 so you can kind of use your mouse closer to kind of get an exact position of something which is rather nice. And then next up, if you just take your mouse over anything so any, then it will pop up extra messages at the bottom there about the items. So if we go here to the selection tour, it says select options, um, you shift to add or remove selections. So now we know if we've got these selected, I can keep shifting and select the tool tips and status, um, text and they will de select. And if I do it again while keeping shifting and we'll re select. So they tell you nice things like that to kind of use the tools better and sometimes just what they do. So, for instance, we go to our top main menu year. Let's say we hover over undue and at the bottom will say that, um, does the last operation. So basically it was. It tells you what they just can be a handy if you're not just sure there's something you want to try out, and I'm not sure what it does. You can also just go, then your hunger on it, and if it's great out, it will still show you. So it is a very handy feature or feature to learn to use the next up. We have the tool tips. Uh, what this will do is if you hover over any icon, it will pop up a little tool tip that says the name of the of whatever you're hovering on top of. And if it has a shortcut or put it in the clubs brackets, the shortcut. Yeah, it says it's the text tool. And then if we press t, it says it will stop to the text, and then we can see it doesn't the same with If you had to have over the colour mixer, uh, says there, let's just do that again with the zoom and said The colour mixer M for zoo, for the colour mixes. So then if I press em proper colour mix So like I said in the beginning, um, this is a very nice, uh, that you use to kind of familiarise yourself with the book instead of having to go on the menus here. And look what shortcut keys can most of these things just harbour. Usually there's something you use a lot. So let's say you use your selection a lot text, then you will not get A is for selection. Tears will text. You can type of thing and jump back to a I want you out of your selection. Maybe it's not a good example using those two, so you have to select out. So maybe, like the note editor or the point of it, since they will be in and a So then you can always use your, um, selection, tool selection something and usually no to edit the actual points. And then, yeah, so it's a very good way to get familiar right with your user interface. What is the balance and so forth? But then, yeah, I would say that. Is it on the status bar tools? It's like it's a very handy little features to use and get used to. But otherwise, if we had here to uh, this video and more videos like this is available here. And, like I mentioned, what a variety of from software's video cover, we also have a nice little search feature. So if you look for anything specific, otherwise we don't finally looking forward to your request, the training video. Then we will make that for you. Otherwise, thanks, guys, for watching and chips.

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