CorelDraw RouterCAM Plugin the User Interface (Part 3), Step by Step Video Tutorial

coreldraw routercam user interface

When it comes to new software and plugins, at times the most intimidating aspect can be the User Interface (UI).

With some programs UI design you feel like you in a spaceship, but at least that is not the case with RouterCAM, it is simple and easy to understand.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.

Next up we will be looking at Its Features.
Previous video covered RouterCAM Settings.

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Video Transcript

All right, guys, in today's video, we're gonna be looking at the basic user interface just what's located where and then we'll go into more depth that, uh, future video on how to use these settings. But before that, let's have a quick intro first. Yeah, so today's video can be found on z. We make sure needs to watch problem solving videos, and we also have daily updates otherwise, back in the programme. Yeah. Now, after we've set up the settings on the actual programme, you're on the right. Now what we wanna do is just quickly look at what is located way. So when we finally use it, you have a basic understanding. So now, first of all, we've got the profile that said yes. So if you have custom profiles you've downloaded or made, you can always selected from here. If you have loaded it in your settings then first up here. And secondly, we've got these three panels. The first one is workspace. So we opened. This can simply just click anywhere here. It doesn't have to be on the door arrow. It will open the options for this menu so over here this will be your workspace, basically the setup of it so you can set some worth so forth. If you are familiar with CNC type programmes, then yeah, most of these things will make sense, but we'll go into more depth on some of next up. We've got two parts, so this is basically where you will be setting a more type of tool you'll be using and also the type of cutting and that you'll be doing. Then under that, it basically shows your activated. You can almost see jobs, so it's all settings you've set up. And then any of these. When you click them and you have your design selected, it will open up extra settings for each one. So this is the way to access the, uh, settings for these tools. And then, if you like, I said, used to send some machines you will notice. Remember a few of these or recognise them so you can sport a leading leader out all of those types of things. You can also have the name of your project. You can say your project your current job so it's the container can name it. Whatever you want. And then when you finally done with setting it up and say Okay, you will see it here at the bottom. Each one of these tools have different settings. We will go through some of that later on and then next up here, we've got N c programme. This is once you've done setting up your design, you can get a three D preview over here. This is also where you can open other projects, files and, uh, see the G code and exported and so forth. So this will be your final step. You'll be using the A N T programme. So the workflow is also laid out the way your your pro uh, process will go. So you'll be starting with your profile. Then you will go to your workspace, then two parts set up while I was gonna cut what's gonna cut and so forth, and then the last offensive programme. You'll preview it and then export it if you need to. Well, yeah, Otherwise that is it. On the basic user interface. If we head here to z, you guys will notice we've got a variety of different software do to cover, and you can also isolate. You're searching on the top of right. If you do not, however, find the training videos you're looking for. Just simply go, yeah, requesting training video, but in the uniform. And then we'll do our best to try and make that for you. But otherwise thanks, guys, for watching and cheers.

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