CorelDraw RouterCAM Plugins Tool Center Settings (Part 2), Step by Step Video Tutorial

routercam tool center settings

When it comes to the different options available, we have three different ones to choose from.

Depending on your job type it will determine which style you would likely end up using.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Machining Direction.
Previous video covered Name and Tool Size.

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Video Transcript

Okay, guys, in today's video, we're gonna be looking at some more settings for the two parts, and we'll be looking for or rather we'll be looking at the Contour adjustment for the Tool Centre. But before that is a quick intro first, so today's video can be found on We make sure that easy to watch problem solving videos, and we also have daily updates. Otherwise, back to the tutorial. Yeah, So I'm just a quick reminder that there's a miniseries on the right to camp two parts settings. Where will we go into more depth about the different settings and what they do. So the first category we're gonna be looking at is contour or sorry. The second the first one was names and, uh, size. So now we're gonna be looking at contour adjustments. Now, there's a few different settings within these, so we'll be covering all of them now when it comes to the tool centre, Um, that will only be available for over a year. Contour milling. And then we have the contour engraving and the contour cutting, so that will be the location of your cut so if we had to open, I'm still going to open the first one with our object selected. Then we will see you on under the contour adjustment we've got here. Contour, a control centre. From this we have three different options. So we see my zooming works here, assuming decided to be black again. But anyway, so we've got from this centre left forward slash inside, right, forward slash Outside. So what this comes down to is this is where it will do the milling or the cutting, uh, in accordance to the selected object. So obviously centre will be coming exactly on the centre of this line. If we go to your show tool diet, um, Diameter, we can actually see better where it's going to be cutting. So I'll leave that on from now then the next one we have here is to left or inside. Obviously, we have a single cut line. Then this will be relevant to left or right, but otherwise, if you have a shape, it will cut either the inside of it or the outside. So if I go inside now, it's jumped to the inside of our red um rectangle and then if we go to allowance over a year now, we can actually just how much of the inside? So let's say I say five millimetres to the inside. We can see it jumped at five million metres in. Obviously you can do this to the outside as well. So if you wanted to have a bit of a buffer around it, you can do that. And then, um it's something to keep in mind. Obviously, if you're on centre, if you're just going to allowance and nothing is going to be happening, so there you can just leave it on whatever you want or zero. So, yeah, that is it on the, uh, tool centres. So it's good gravy again. We've got centre, we've got inside or left and then we've got outside or right, And then we've got the contour allowance, which will allow us to adjust how far that sitting will be adjusted by. But otherwise yeah, that is it on the centre for the contour adjustment. If we had here to c 0.0 You guys will notice we've got a variety of different software do cover and you can also isolate your search on the top, right? If you do not, however, find the training videos you're looking forward to simply go here, of course, the training video filling the meaning form. Then we'll do our best to try and make that for you. But otherwise thanks, guys, for watching and cheers.

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