CorelDraw RouterCAM Contour Cutting Process Video (Part 6), Step by Step Video Tutorial

routercam contour cutting process

When it comes to the Contour Cutting Toolpath, it is most probably one of the most used CNC tools.

That being said, the number of variations in which you could set its setting to will also be more.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Toolpaths Combined.
Previous video covered Pocket Engraving.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys. In today's video, we're gonna be looking at basic example process you could be taking when you're doing contour cutting, and this will be four out of camp. But before that, let's have a quick intro fix. Mhm. So today's video. Can we find our z. We make sure needs to watch problem solving videos and also have daily updates. That was back on the programme here. Now just a quick reminder. This is a miniseries on examples of what you could be taking when doing these two parts or using these two parts. So today we're gonna be looking at cutting. And then I think after that we'll do one more video where we combined maybe a few of these different tools just to see, um, what it might look like in that example. But now the cutting. It's rather simple, obviously, depending on what you're doing and and the material you're using. So, my dear, currently is I want to make a cut out of the outside and then a cut out of this and the inside. So we have a board cut through. You can obviously just cut out this as a shape as well, and you stick it on something afterwards. But I think we, uh, look around the night with a cutout, Maybe amount the light behind it or something on that line. Now we're gonna do is just really set up the outside cut. So I'm gonna select this click on the contour cutting, and then obviously, depending on your, uh, size and thickness, you'll set up it accordingly. So I'm just gonna keep mine are centre. Let's call this maybe out line cut so we know what it is. Or border cut something in that line like my centre. Um, this guys show diameter. We kind of see if the tools and everything is right. I'm gonna put my lead in and lead off out or leave them off. And then we also wanna go here and set cutting height, uh, safety guard. So I'm gonna listen to you make this about two mil, and then the court decision I'm gonna You can leave this all the way down, so it's just a basic cut. Set that up. Now. We can, obviously, if you want, you can already preview that, and we just have a look of, you know, everything's are older. It's not too much. It can be wrong there. Now, an important thing about doing a cut out of letters into a board. It is important for you to make sure you use a font that has, um, the inside of the latest not joined. I mean, joint. So when this cuts it out, this thing will be floating in the air. This font is maybe a bit closer. These centrepieces might be a bit weak, depending, obviously, what you're cutting it steal? It doesn't matter, but so you might want to have a fun. It's got a bit more of a space. But that way, for instance, with the sea, it is actually going to leave this piece here. Now we might have to go afterwards and try and make a plan with depending on whether it's gonna touch the back material or not, might want to put a spacer just so it also floats in the air. So let's say you've got a board that is this one that's cut out another board behind it. You might want to put a bit of a spacer that's smaller than this, but yeah, otherwise, the rest of the funds should be fine. So if we zoom out here, then what we can do is, uh mm. We office selected, we go to our cut. I'm gonna call this a m cut or make a cut out Just so I know nicely what we are doing. This one I want to put on the inside. So that way we know it's gonna stay nicely within our font, and it's not going to do Maybe cut over edges where it makes this safe areas too thick. And then you would also want a Yeah, what we call it a lead in and lead out just to make it a bit more clean, But I'm gonna just said it. So it's not so far. So they're about to. If we can see it over there, then yeah, we know it's gonna nice, Inc have a nice, clean cut out of the outside room, then job I wanna like. I said, depending on the thickness of the material, I think we did 200. About two or three. I think was to believe that too. And leave the rest. Okay. Generate a preview. Now we can go to the preview, make sure everything is in order. Looks like it. And then, yeah, we can simply just got safe. And then we save this as our actual code. So I'm just gonna call this c cutting, then. Uh, yeah, that is the basic process you'll be taking. It is rather simple. Like I said in the next video, Really? Look at setting up a few of these things. Otherwise, if we head here to el Cielo today, guys will notice We've got a variety of different Softwares to recover. And you can also isolate your surgery on the top, right? If you do not find, uh, training videos are looking forward to your requested training video. And then we'll do our best to try and make that for you. But otherwise thanks, guys, for watching and cheers

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