SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Equal Space Between Path Points (Part 12) Working with Paths Mini-Series

flexistarter path points equal spacing

Like with the aligning of path points, being able to add an equal space between points is of great help.

Even though this might not be relevant to all path points, you will notice that this is quite handy on more static type design.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covering Removing Path Points.
Previous video covered Aligning Path Points.

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Video Transcript

are you guys in today's video? Flexes Starter. We're gonna be looking how to set equal spacing between your points for your parts. But before that, I would say, Let's have a quick intro first, Mm, Mhm. So today's video can we find a ? We make sure that easy to watch problem solving videos. And we also have daily updates otherwise, way back in the programme here. Now, just a quick reminder before we started. This is a miniseries. I'm working with paths and I will also leave relevant links in the description as you guys can actually follow along Now when it comes to setting the spacing, this is Rod simple if you know where the tools are located. So the first thing we wanna do is select the point we wanna space. So in order to do that, we can go on our main toolbar, get to the little black course with a red circle, but the point. So with that selected, we want to select our points. And the next thing I wanna do is locate the spacing tool which can be located under your main menu. On top, we go arrange, and then we wanna go navigate to it from space. As you can see, the short prefers J So if we go Yeah, we press j. You'll see we get this ui um, under the actual wanna make sure it's safe to horizontal the you are here on the screen, we can adjust, or you can adjust it here on the right and the design central panel, which you can just type of values. But what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna keep the spacing the same as what it was or the overall, uh, with of it so you can see the spacing change in order for it to take effect. We're gonna do this with two ways, either under your design central panel, gonna click on the little right mark or we can press into on a keyboard. And as you can see, it's re adjust the spacing force. And if you also see these little artefacts, I think it's just graphics related. Which can somebody do is just zoom in and out and it will refresh the design area full and yeah, that is a simple way of adjusting spacing for your path point sort of the simple as you can see so otherwise. Um, if we head here to hat Seattle today, you guys don't notice you've got a variety of different Softwares. We do cover and you can also isolate. Just search here on the top of right. If you do not, however, find the video looking for you can always go to request a training video. And then we will make that video. But otherwise, thanks again, guys for watching and cheers.

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