The Recommended Print Setup Options Within the PrintUP 3D Printing Software (Part 1)

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When it comes to the Print Setup of PrintUP software, there are a few different approaches to take.

From these different approaches there are the universal setting, Recommended and more advanced Customer.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Customer.

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Video Transcript

Alright, guys, In today's video, we're gonna be looking at the recommended print setup for print up software. But before that, let's have a first. So today's video can be found on We make short and easy to watch problem solving videos, and we also have daily updates otherwise, back in the programme here. Now, when we want to look at the actual print set up, there's two main, uh, options. We can look at it pretty much the recommended and the customer. So we're gonna start with the recommended And in order to do that, it's gonna have object selected because, uh it can also be relevant to type of objects sometimes. But, um, for now, I'm just gonna select that. And then what I'm gonna do here where we have our model list, I'm gonna just go here to the left and under the model list. There is another tab called print set up, so I'm gonna select that, and then we have a few different settings to look at. So right on top here, we've got the actual printer. It's a zoom printer. So, yeah, you can select from the drop down menu. Which AM printer you are using. So depending on the one you bought, then we've got the extruder. So you can choose the left or right depending on how your, uh, layer settings are set up the material so you can have your new, uh, formance or the ones that's already preset under that. We've got the print settings, and this will be where you can select a customer or recommend it. So I'm gonna leave my recommended for now. Under these settings, we don't have too many. So we basically have the layer height, which we can set. We've got the info and the percent this will pretty much be to kind of fill your object. Like, how could you set this make it to 100 and then, um, as you can see, they just wait a bit and then updates. Now we're printing a solid, uh, a letter instead of something that is, uh, just channelling up. But then I'm gonna disable that, go back to zero, and then we've got here also the option for generate support. So if we had to click that, we have a few options under that support placement so we can choose everywhere touch touching bolt plate so we can, like, uh, set up a support. So if you think your structure is a bit weak, you can use this, which can be handy. And then under that, we've got the actual bolt plate ads, and, um, this will be kind of the bottom skirt that it's going to be bowing to keep your product, um, secure. So if we go go preview, I'm just gonna zoom in here so you can see at the moment it's kind of just beveling around it. So we're looking at this thing here. So now we can see there's a few different options. There's a brim. Let me zoom for you guys. A broom, a raft and none. So I'm gonna go brim, see what that looks like, And then let's make sure you slice it again to update it. You can see this one has got a way more, um, refined here so you can get a nice little room going, and then the last one is the raft. So I'm just gonna preview or slice again and preview there. You can see it's made a nice little criss cross on it. So this is probably one of the most secure supports you can do. But it's also going to take way more of your actual, um, form. Yeah, and then obviously you've got none. So I'm gonna leave mine on skirt at a default. And by most, uh, most printing, you'll sort of just leave all of this as ease. But you can obviously set it up depending on your design requirements. But yeah, otherwise, that is it on the actual recommended print setup. And meanwhile, though, before we head to the customer if we go to Guys, you'll notice we've got a variety of different Softwares we do cover, and you can also isolate your search on the top, right? If you do not, however, find the training videos you're looking for, just simply go. Yeah, request the training video, fill in the mini form, and then we'll do our best to try and make that for you. But otherwise thanks guys for watching and cheers

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