VinylCut 5 Software Wrap Designs to Uniquely Shaped Objects, Step by Step Video Guide

vinylcut wrap designs object

This Feature is great if you make more complex designs like Cupcake wrappings or tapering Mugs.

Objects like cups, glasses and bowls tend to have a bottom that is smaller than the top. The Wrapper Tool is designed for these difficult layouts.

Training Video with Voice-Over ( Sounds ON ), Please Subscribe

Video Transcript

are you guys? In today's video? I'll cut. We'll be looking at the rapid tool and how it's used to wrap designs around objects. Let's have a quick intro here, sir. Today's video can be found on he other day. We have a variety of different software cover, so just have a look there for any, um, videos. You're interested. Otherwise, we're back to the programme. Yeah, now, like I mentioned, that rapid tool is this is a great tool. If you want to wrap things around a cup, let's say a cupcake and one of those sleeves that goes into something on that light. So now what we do is let's say we've got a design, we select it and then you want to go to on top of your top man, you gotta fix There we go all the way down to wrap up. Now, once this pops up, we have a few options. So first of all, make sure your order preview is enabled mhm so that you can see updates as you make them. Then let's start on top of the settings. So we've got top the top measurement bottom measurement, and then the slant. In my case, I like to say it to vertical height, so what you'll do is you'll measure your cups top right around. So let's say in our case, it's six inches and in the bottom five inches in the height of your cup. So let's say it's five inches. Always make it about seven inches, but you're you're looking at your actual cup. What that is, then, as you can see in the previous already, it starts walking it around. So let's say you had quite a a short cup just so you can see the effect of the designer Gramps towards it. But like I mentioned, so let's say we've got a seven, then add template in. What this will do is if you enable this, it will add, um, the rapper. They will give it cut lines as well. So if you're doing it over translucent or something like that, then it will cut out that, as always, believe it off will only cut out the design. Then, uh, over here, we've got the offset so we can offset it in, um, right or left the actual design on the wrapper or up and down with the ex mhm. And then we also have the scaly. So if we keep proportions on here as it is, then if we set any one of these values, then it will keep the proportions. As you see we d selected and we set a value, then it will walk. But you can say in that direction, so I normally just keep it on. And then, yeah, you can just say Okay, Mhm. And then there we have got a designer wrapped properly for the new print. Well, uh, if you guys go to final cut, Uh, yeah, the programme is freely available here. You just go to the download page and then you'll see it there for Windows and Mac. Otherwise, if you guys navigate to ero, you can find this video and more like it. Uh, we also do a daily, so keep it here for any new content. You can also isolate your search. So if you're looking for something specific, or you can just go here to request a training video as well. So if you're looking for anything specific and we don't cover it yet otherwise thanks, guys, for watching and cheers

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