VinylCut 5 Software Good Guidelines to Follow (Part 2) Rhinestones Video Mini-Series

vinylcut making rhinestones

Save time and have a more predictable and consistent outcome when making Rhinestone designs.

There are many ways to approach making Rhinestones. these guides will give you a good base to work off, however they are by no means set in stone, still explore to see what works best for you.

This is a Mini-Series on Rhinestones. Next video we’ll be covering Rhinestone Outlines.

Previous video we had an overview of the Rhinestones Feature.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys. In today's video, we'll be looking at some basic guidelines for creating Rhinestone battles to have a quick intro. Yeah, mhm. So today's video can be found on Today, you guys will know that we've got a variety of different sorts we do cover, and we do upload videos daily. So just keep an eye there for any new content. Otherwise, we're back in the programme here. Now, the little message that you know, this is a miniseries. So we've already covered the basic user interface, which I will leave a link in the description to that video. And then, uh, in this video, we will just be covering some basic guidelines. So, uh, when using the, uh, Rhinestone tool So a few things you wanna keep in mind. So when it comes to the actual design, you want to try to keep the, um, design you're working on as close to the final design as possible. So that means if you're doing, let's say Rhinestones on a shirt, then make sure your template is set up so that it is close to exact the same size. You can resize brownstones afterwards. That's capability. But this will just help you to have your final product a bit more refined, then also, another thing is, always make a backup. So let's say you've got text, and you wanna, um, my grandson of it, You can always just go to your layers. And then, um, you know, you can make a duplicate of it so you can duplicate from the object menu or from you know, the control deep. And then your height are once in case you need to do any changes to the Rhinestone or you want to add, like a border shadow or anything like that. Then at least you have a backup of the original. So that's also a good from a rule to follow. Then, um, the circle size of the Rhinestones. In general, you want to have it about three sizes larger than the Rhinestones you're buying. So if you have a, uh, chain, then maybe consider doing the design S s 13. But I do play around and see what works for you, then. Also another thing on fonts. It's a good practise to rather stick to more basic funds. If you're going for a fancy font, what I would recommend you do is after you've done your design. And then either you've made it, uh, test print or on your computer. Just you bring a friend or two over and then have them look at the design and have it, you know, have him read it. See if they can quickly decipher what's standing there because your eyes kind of get used to design. So this way, you kind of see is it's still easily readable and with fancy phones obtains to quickly become unreal. Then, um, also a good practises. You can make a test template. There's like various size patterns, so you'll get like, a certain pattern shape. And then you make various sized Rhinestones because I'm in 0.1 millimetre difference can make a big difference when you finally laying in the Rhinestones. So to make one of the few different sizes and you can just test which one works the best because too small Rhinestones weren't falling. And when it's too large, they tend to flip the wrong side up. So try to find a good balance. Mm. And then, uh oh, just a little disclaimer. This is just really a guide only So it's not set in stone. You still have to play around and see what works best for you. But in general, if you follow these guys, then you tend to have a right outcome with where you can save some time with that. Otherwise, yeah, we will. I will put a link for the next video as well in the description. But if we go to our website here, uh, if you guys go to final cut, uh, the programme is freely available here. Just navigate to the download area, then. Also, uh, you guys never get your got together today. You can find a in this video and more like it. As you can see. Also, we've got a variety of Softwares. We do cover like I mentioned before, and we also have this nice little search option here. So if you guys are looking for anything specific and then if you don't find you, you're looking forward. Just go here to request the training video. Then we'll make that for you. Well, cool. Thanks, guys, for watching. And I'll see you in the next one. Just

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