VinylCut 5 Naming and Renaming Layers for a Professional Workflow, Step by Step Video

vinylcut naming renaming layers

Proper naming of layers and groups can speed up your workflow, save your time and storage space.

On top of all your files will look professional, your files will be easy to work with within some group and ready to distribute them as an example or for mass use.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, guys. In today's video, we'll be looking at naming layers in vinyl cut. Just a quick intro. Mm. So today's video and more videos like this can be found on That's the other day. We have quite a variety of different Softwares who do cover, and also we upload videos daily. So just keep an eye out for any new content. Otherwise, once we had back in the programme now, naming layers is a great way to keep your projects organised and neat also helps if you're working with multiple, uh, contributors to keep and nice and understandable work. So now we can rename. As you can see on the right here, we can rename any form of layer, which will be can be a text, which is the basic layer groups. Now. To do that, the simple ways you can just click it go to this little icon on top there, and they will navigate to the bottom layer properties. Once it pops up the properties, we'll see we have a name yet colour, and then we can set the state where they want to show it or lock it. So we're going to title two and you'll see the name has been changed. Another way you can do this is you just double click on the name of that layer. Then it will pop up the same dialogue properties box. So any case, that's just the basics on layers. And then if we had to our website here we navigate to You can find this video and more videos like this. As you can see here, we cover quite a variety of different Softwares, and we also do have a search option if you're looking for anything specific, otherwise, if we don't find what you're looking forward, you can just request a training video here and then we will make it for you. Otherwise, thanks for watching and cheers.

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