SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Ungroup All Objects and Shapes (Part 2) Group and Ungroup Mini-Series

flexistarter ungroup all objects

When it comes to different ways to ungroup objects and shapes that are combined, this is by far the most powerful way.

This is a great feature when you have multiple groups inside groups and you would like to quickly ungroup them all at one time.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Previous video covered Group and Ungroup.

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Video Transcript

are you guys in today's video flexi start and we're gonna be looking at the feature on how to, um group. But before that, let's have a quick intro first. Mm. So today's video can be found on We make sure that easy towards problem solving videos and we have daily updates. Otherwise, we're back on the programme here. Now it's just a quick reminder. This is a miniseries on grouping. We've already covered the basic grouping and regrouping, and today we're gonna be looking at grouping all. I will also leave relevant links in the description so you can actually follow it along. Now, when it comes to a new grouping, all this is a great feature. If let's say you have groups within groups and especially in a complex design and then you finally need to group everything for maybe rearrangement or something like that. So instead of navigating through groups, it can be quite a mess. You just one group everything. It's also nice in some programmes. If you wanna combine everything or something in that light to make it a single shape. Mm. But yeah, there's multiple reasons why you would want to use on group all. It does save you a lot of time, so I really just scratch the surface. So what we wanna do is first of all, make sure we've got multiple items groups within groups. So let's first collect these first two, then, um, what I wanna do is group them. I'm just gonna use sugar cookies. If you guys want, you can get to arrange group and you can find all of them group group group. So for grouping, I'm gonna go control G. And now, as you can see, these two shapes our group. Let's say this could be, uh, something like this with the logo inside of colour. They know. And let's say you've got a slogan at the bottom or something like that could be the third one or fourth one can carry on like that. We select those and then we group that these ones are all one group the fire to one group. This with control you or right click on group. You will see that these two are still within a group and this one is an individual. So that is good to remember. So with just make sure those ones are still in the group, right click a combined group. And now let's say this, like I said, is quite a complex design. You want to group everything For some reason, maybe you want to do mass changes. I'm not mass changes like in the visual changes to thank you. You can do it with your group items selected. You can go on top here to arrange zoom in. If you guys and then we go to group. We go to one group. Or now if we can quickly selected, I select this shedding. See, they are all individual. These two are no longer in a group of themselves like there's a very It's a quick way to save time to unformed grouping. As you can imagine, if we've caught group and then let's say we've maybe got these two in a group and then we've got these four in a group. Now we've got this, so we have to go on group. Then we select these group Select these on where that yeah, I'm grouping all saves you a lot of time. Otherwise that is it on grouping and regrouping. So if we had here to Got Seattle today. You guys will notice when we do have a variety of different Softwares we cover. And also, if you don't want to manually navigate through the list of videos, you can always go to search bar, type of looking for and keep the law search. But But I must say, there's some pretty girls here, so it's quite nice being through it. If you don't find the video looking for, you can always get your request, a training video, and then we will make that video for you. Otherwise, thanks, guys, for watching and chips.

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