SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Software Graphical User Interface Overview, Step by Step Video

flexistarter graphical user interface

In order to learn any program, this is the first place you should start, an overview of the Interface.

Like most programs SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 has a lot of cool features and tools, but they don’t help you much if you don’t know where to locate them.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Navigating the Main Menu.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys. In today's video, we'll be having a basic overview of using interface for flexi start in 19. But let's just have a quick intro first so today's video can be found on hat's here today. We have a variety of different sorts we do cover, and we are blood with daily. So just keep an eye there for a new content. Otherwise, if we had back in the programme, yeah, so now Uh, yeah, in today's video, Like I said, we'll be having a basic overview of the interface or the user interface. We won't be going to depth about what the buttons and that do yet and the icons, but we will do that in future videos. So just a basic overview here. First off, we have the menu or the main menu, which will be all these buttons on top here. So we've got the file edit view range texts, effects, but Matt Window and help. So whenever someone speaks about the main menu will be referring to this section. Then next up we have the tuba. So in most cases you would kind of see this whole area here on the left as a toolbar. But in the case of this programme will be this first section. As you see the little dots, he moved down and there's more dots. So all these tools here they are part of the toolbar. Then, uh, after that, we get the view to bar, which will be everything view related, and that will be under the tool while you'll have all your magnifying and so forth. Also the move, then next up, we've got the actual status bar, which will be this, uh, the information in the bottom. Yeah. So, um, if we zoom in here, we can see, um, if we have a colour, we'll tell you which colour it is. Or if you're skating something off, we go far right here. Also tell you what is your stroke set to? And what is your full set? Yeah. Then after that, we've got cross the position, so they will also be in your status. So if we move our mouths, you can see it there at the bottom. So if you have to get exact location on your canvas, you can just move your mouse. They What is the dimensions? Write it down and then you can actually use that, then? Um, yeah. Then we also have the like. I mentioned the default. What can you say? The we've got colours which will be at the bottom so resuming? Yeah, there will also be a default colour. So if we change it And so we set our stroke stroke to another colour. Yeah, sure. What happened there right now we can actually see it here at the bottom. So we've got the full. It's more of a maroon type read. And we've got the normal classic. I don't know what you call that requirements read, Not that clued up with colours. My apologies. And then yeah, so then we've got a default colour stick, then. Next, we've got the scroll bars, which, like most programmes are these. You get your horizontal scrolling, Move this around and then you get your vertical, which will be on the right. Then we also have the switch pull tabs, which will be, um also the swatch taps. Something more suitable taps. There will be all the switch colours here at the bottom. So this is the section of itself. It's not actually a part of the status bar, so we were talking about them. Such tabs that will be referring to that. Then also, we have the actual border, which will be the border of the mat or the canvas, which, as you can see, yes, Um, this black line here that runs right around the dimensions of your canvassing. Okay, so we yeah, and the right will be 42 centimetres by 29.7 centimetres, then, uh, next up here, we've got the standard too well, which will be on top year that we can find your basic stuff, like copying and new folders or new files and so forth. Then after that, we have the rulers, which will be the measurements here on the left and right. And then you can also see if you hover your mouse. There is a paint little line there indicating where your mouth is at on that ruler and same with horizontal or the vertical ruler. So you can easily go navigate your on your on your actual Matt and see the dimensions there. And then lastly, then we've got the design area, which is this little space. So anything for your designs, try keeping within this block. Otherwise, won't be printed or so forth. And this is your designer? Yeah. That is the basic overview of the user base. Like I mentioned, we will be going into more depth about what everything does, but just a quick summary again. So we've got the main menu. We've got the main toolbar of YouTube or status bar at the bottom, and we've got the cross, the position. And if you move your mouse, you can see at the bottom there. We've got default colours, which will be the bottom, right? That's kind of what is currently active. Then we've got the scroll balls, which is bottom and right. We have the swatch taps, which is this colour palette. Here at the bottom, you can say, got the borders black line around your design area. You know, we've got the standard toolbar, which will be the top one. We've got the rulers. She's here along the left, the top. And then we've got a design area. Otherwise, if we had to hat Seattle today, um, this video and more like this these videos are available here. And like I said, we've got a variety of different cultures. We do cover so you can just go cheque out what we've got. Otherwise, you can also isolate your search, Looking for anything specific or request a training video. If you don't find what you're looking for, then, uh, we'll make that for you. Otherwise, thanks, guys, for watching and cheers.

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