SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Straight Paths Bezier Path Tool (Part 2) Working with Paths Mini-Series

flexistarter bezier straight paths

For your more static type structure style designs, being able to make good straight lines are key.

There are few things as frustrating as trying to make a horizontal or vertical straight line, but the fine line as a light slant to it, now you can prevent that with a simple hotkey.

This video is part of a Mini-Series.
Next video covers Drawing Curved Paths.
Previous video covered Working with Paths Overview.

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Video Transcript

How are you guys? In today's video flexi started, we're gonna be looking at creating straight lines using the busier path to. But before that, let's have a quick intro first. Mm, so today's video can be found a We make sure that easy to watch problem solving videos, and we also have daily updates. Otherwise, back on the programme here now, just a quick reminder. This is a miniseries around talking with parts and I will leave relevant links and descriptions. You can actually follow along now when it comes to the path tools. As you can see, we've got this two parts here and the one is definitely more straight than the other. So when we're talking about creating straight path, so it's not so much about being a straight path as it is being aligned to the horizontal vertical and maybe 45 degrees. So this will kind of just help you with that process. So now, in order to do that, we need our past, um are busier path tool selected, which will be on a main toolbar. Third, I come from the top, and as you can see the shortcut for that is P. So who pressed that? Now we've got our apologies. Wrong button. There. Now we've got our path tool selected. So now what you can do to constrain your path so it's more straight you somebody keeps shifting while you draw them. So now if I keep shifting, I can click. And then if I click year it automatically snap it horizontally. Now, if I go controls it inside what you can do, we'll go back to the first point. So let me go a bit off and you'll see it actually pops it on top of my cross. So maybe you straighten it. So this is very nice. If you wanna you're working on design. It's rather, um, it's got a lot of points straight, but they need to stay quite straight cause otherwise, creating a similar shape to this. Without it, you're gonna get something more like this sample where it's a bit wonky, and that and then once you're done by the end, if you want to keep this open path, you can either just switch to another tool or on your design central panel. You're at the bottom. We can choose the first icon, which says New path, They will leave it open path. We can also the one next to it. Click and they will make a closed path. Can't quite see the whole tools up there. But that's for closing the path. Or what you can do is why you're still in your design. Can simply Harvard All the icon turned into a little circle, As you can see there, If we do that, it says close path. If you click that, it will close apart. So that is, um yeah, they don't creating close parts. Just quick reminder again. You need your busier curve or busier path tool selected, and then you will do it with using shift, you can make your custom shapes like this. You can also go in like 15 degree angles 45 so forth. Just keep in mind if you had to, for instance, I've got too close to a point. Okay, Now it doesn't do it, but sometimes they will snap it to the point on top of it like that because you've got shift selected and then, yeah, that is it on creating straight paths or at least help you to create more accurate straight paths. And otherwise we had here to hat Seattle. Today you guys will know it's quite a variety of different Softwares with you cover. And also you can isolate your search on the top of right. If you do not, however, find what you're looking for, You can always go your request, a training video, and then we will make that video for you. But otherwise thanks, guys watching and cheers.

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