SAi FlexiSTARTER 19 Import (SVG) File Formats (Part 8) Importing Files Video Mini-Series

flexistarter import svg file

When it comes to Vector type file formats, there are few that can match the SVG files types.

With the amount of information and detail the SVG files can save, and also being supported by so many different design programs, there’s no wander why this format is a favorite among designers.

This video is part of a mini-series.

Next video covers Importing TAG files.
Previous video covered Importing PNG files.

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Video Transcript

All right, guys, in today's video Flexi starter, we're gonna be looking at importing SVG files. But, like always, let's start with a quick intro first so today's video can be found on Let's see it that way. We have a variety of the consultant to do cover, and also we upload videos daily or training videos so you can keep our eye there for any new content always back in the programme. Yeah, now, today we're covering the importing the SVG files. But before that, let me just remind you this is a miniseries on importing, so I will leave relevant links and description so you can follow a lot. But then, when it comes to actual SVG files, this is a very, very nice file format. I think it stands for smart victor graphics. So, in other words, what this allows you is you can import vector graphics that is called text that can still be edited groups and fills in all of that. So it's kind of it's almost like importing a project file, but not but the beauty of the refugees. It goes across many different programmes, so you can export refugees from just about any vector type programme, which makes it for a very, very nice formatted work. And I'm back onto the actual importing to import is two ways we can do this. Either we can navigate to the import icon. She was next to the safe. You can see it's got a little save icon with a carriage of the paper. If you hover on it also imported, you've got the right one. Otherwise, you can also go to file on top and you navigate down to import when we click this or pop up our import options. So what you wanna do is navigate with your file browser here to the SPG file, And if you do not see it, just make sure you're under your type files of type. It is said to S V. G. Then once you've selected the file and unfortunately, the preview does not work for SVG files or the link. So once you've selected it, you're gonna have to sleep import. It's gonna give you this blue box where you want to import the file to. I'm gonna select someone here because it's quite a big file. Let me just drag this more to the have you bought? Like I mentioned the nice thing about the spg file. If we, um actually go to a text to and then type, we can actually still edit this text, which is great because we import from another programme. Now, we can also do this. If we select this graphics, you can right click it and then let's say one group all now we can actually select individual graphic stole from the design, move it around, change it, like I said, is a very great great format for, uh, going across multiple programmes and so forth. But yeah, that is it on spg if we had to go to ll day, guys will notice the like I mentioned, um a variety of different Softwares we cover and also we have this nice little search options. If you're an isolated search and you're looking for anything specific, you know, it's just got here and the type of what you're looking for. And then if you still run dry in the in front of you, looking forward to request a training video, then we will make that for you. But otherwise thanks, guys, for watching and cheers

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