VinylCut 5 Software Viewing the Project Information Properties, Step by Step Video Guide

vinylcut viewing project information

Project information is a good way to keep a professional and contestant workflow at your businesses, with Vinylcuts project info option one can do just that.

It’s a good place to store additional information on the current project, also makes the working of two or more designers on one project more manageable.

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Video Transcript

Hi there. Guys in this video will have an overlook of the project Information properties using vinyl cut. Today's video can be found on That Sierra Sierra s website has lots of videos about how to solve specific software problems in real use cases. New videos uploaded daily. Okay, Now, uh, project info comes in quite handy. If you let's say, working on a big team with a big team. And then, uh, you wanna put specific reminders or information about the design or the process you took when printing it? This is a great way because it saves it into the main projects file. So then the other designers can see what you did, or if you have any notes there for them to remember to do. Now, this only works on the main project file, not an exported files. So, yeah, once you've exposed your SPG or one of those, um, you won't see that same properties, so let's locate it. So in order to locate it, we will be going to the windows. We go project info and here on the project info and the note will be met with a few things. So then we've got here the title so you can see what's about the author. So who did it? So if you work in a big team, this helps email if you want them to actually be able to contact you website and then actual notes about. So that's where you can add all your relevant information about the document, it's important things or your when it came to actual cutting or printing. What, what was relevant for this design, then? Colours. Yeah, you can select all pages or just the page you want to view. And then we've got the colour information here, which can be quite handy at types and then shapes. This will be how many shapes will be cut out from that colour. So, yeah, if you have multiple shapes being cut out from one colour, at least you will know it the next up with funds. Right now we don't have any, but over here you can find all your fund information. The fund was used, how many characters it's got so that you know, if anybody wants to know, what fun did you use in future or something like that? It's easy to reference it can I? Just one thing to keep in mind about fonts. So let's say we've got some text here. Go back to our project information and the funds. Uh, here we can see, like I said, the name and how many characters. But if we had to take this text, then converted into a shape, well, let's just go path union. It's no longer text, so we can't edit it. Then if we go to our project info, the font is no longer there. So just keep that in mind before you convert any text to, um, shape or something like that. Just maybe under your notes, you can make a side note called fun and put the information of the fund if need be. She removed that then lastly year. We've got Rhinestones, which we didn't have any of. But if we did, we tell you the colour, the size and exactly how many Rhinestones do you have? And then that is the basics on the project. Information can be very handy if your business is very organised with their documents and their their workflow of projects. Thank you for watching this video for more videos like this visit hat's here. Uh, you can easily navigate by software name, version and select a topic you would like to watch You search a challenge you're facing. If you do not find the answer you're looking for, you can also submit a request here so we can make the video for you until next time. Cheers.

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