VinylCut 5 Software The Cut Mode Settings (Part 3) Cut Settings Video Mini-Series

vinylcut cut mode settings

When it comes to the Cut Mode settings fortunately there’s not that many to choose from.

But that being said, the few that are there could really speed up your final cuts if used correctly.

This video is part of a Mini-Series on the Cut Settings. Next video covers the Cutting & Drawing Settings.
In the Previous video we covered the Connection Settings.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys. In today's video of Final Cut, we'll be looking at the cut mode settings under the cut settings. Let's have a quick intro here. Mhm. Uh, today's video can be found on y. Uh, we've got a variety of different Softwares we do cover, and we upload daily. So just to keep our eye there for any new content otherwise, back in the programme here. Now, reminder. This is a many theories on the cut settings. So we've got a number of videos we are covering. I will put links and descriptions to all the relevant videos if you want to follow along and just apologies. And the previous one I said we'll be working on the cut cutting and drawing section, which will be this, but it will actually be doing that only in the next. Video will be today covering just the cutting settings and some basics, um, features that it has. So, uh, yeah, to get right into it and just, uh, disclaimer here. I won't be working today on the cut mode, Um, as this is quite a complex topic, and we'll cover that in another reading then, um, so back to the rest of the settings here. So basically, you can, from your cut mode, choose origin points and so forth. Then the end action. This will be basically what happens once it's done cutting. So as you can see here, we've got rewind to origin. Then we've got advanced amount will do nothing. So then, um, the rewind to origin, which is the default. So the default setting is the which they had returned to the origin that was set before the cut began. So they will be realigned to origin. Then the advance amount Select that we'll get an option here. And then when this option selected, the head moves to the end of the cut over to the right side and then advances on the mat or rolls material forward based on the value you entered in a new window. So then, yeah, so that's the basic on that. So if you want it to add advance or something like that based on your mouth and put and then do nothing, obviously, um, the head will just stop at the location where it finished cutting. So then I'll leave that on the default for now and then on the right here. We have a few settings we can set. We've got a cut selection only. So if we select that, then on our preview Matthew on the right and African scale, this window doesn't do much different. So we'll see now only objects or layers selected. Well, bullet cut. So if you want to cut stuff individually, it's a quick way to do it. Then also, we have here mirror horizontally and vertically. So let's say you're gonna stick something on the inside of the mirror, then, uh, have a window. Then you can always play with these settings. Then also, another thing is, you could also okay, let's say you made a design and it's got an exact duplicate that let's go on the other side. So instead of now making a design and mirroring it in your programme and so forth, you can just mirrored Yeah, I mean, so let's say this is not text by the shape. You can also just mirrored do another cut and then throw it on the opposite side. So, yeah, that is the basics of the cut settings or somewhat basics. And like I said, we will be cutting, covering the cut mode and more depth in a future video. Otherwise, uh, yeah, tremendous. Stick around for the next video. I'll leave that we'll be covering this section, finding they otherwise. If you guys get to final cut out Sarah programme is really available there. Just hit your download page, then on the we have, it was like this available. And like I mentioned, we've got a variety of software do cover, then also, you can isolate your search on top year. If you're looking for something specific and then if you also don't find what you're looking for, I just got to request a training video and then we'll make that for you. Otherwise, thanks, guys, for watching. And I hope I see you the next one, Jos.

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