VinylCut 5 the Title Crawl Effect to Create Star Wars Looking Text, Step by Step Video

vinylcut title crawl effect

Ever been a fan of Star Wars and wandered how to make those cool looking distant fade out text?

Even though this is one of those legacy effects, It is still one of those effects that when you need it you need it, and no other will do.

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Video Transcript

All right, guys, In today's video, we're gonna be looking at effect Title crawl in Final Cut Fuck. Today's video can be found on CN. Today we upload new videos daily, and we have quite a variety of different soft ways. So just go there to have a cheque out on what we've got otherwise back in the programme. Now to create this classic Star Wars type effect. It is a rather simple, but it will be. The effect will be, um, title crawl, and it's under your fix panel. So now if we just quickly undo it here. So now let's say you've got your text selected. Then what you can do is, uh, to locate and make sure you are like So you take selected we got here to fix, and they will navigate down to Title Crawl. If we select this from the pop up menu, I've got a few options and make sure your order preview is being able. Now here we can see the effect it's gonna have so on top, we've got angle. So now if we adjust the angle down, it decreases the effect, and we adjusted up increases it now the height. When you set this, it's kind of like a buffer or threshold. Now, when we adjusted, you will see good. Does the thick way slower. If you want to find, you know, effect to the exact angle you're looking for, then that is a good, uh, methods. You use your just the height and then you're just the angle. And then once you could Okay, then your cheques will have a new effect pretty cool. Otherwise, if we had to here to the website, you can navigate to, uh z a. And then you can find this video and more videos like this. You'll see we've got a variety of different software you do cover, and you will also have a search here. So if you wanna isolate what you're looking for, otherwise if you don't find what you're looking forward, just request a training video and then we'll make it for you. Otherwise, thanks, guys watching and cheers

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